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The 9 Best Arts and Crafts Supplies for Less Stress and No Mess

Feed your little one’s artistic talent with these nine fun and mess-free arts and crafts products.

Daphne Lynd

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Whether it's painting, coloring, building, or anything in between, crafting has always been one of the most popular ways to play. However, cleaning up after little artists has always been significantly less popular. With these items, you’ll still enjoy the fun of creating, and with little to no cleanup, it's the best of both worlds!

1. Chroma Blends Mechanical Watercolor Pencils



The aspiring Georgia O'Keeffe can create mess-free watercolor masterpieces with these fantastic pencils! With 18 mechanical pencils, along with refills to make sure that the color never runs out, simply draw, add a drop of water, then use the included paintbrush to blend the colors. The end product is a beautiful watercolor, but with no paint (or clean-up) required.

2. "Art Play" by Marion Deuchars


Laurence King Publishing

This paperback book is “chalk”-full of activities, learning, and self-expression. Deuchars teaches a wide range of topics in fun and easy-to-understand ways. Page after page presents new ideas for mediums, featuring gems such as photomontages, fill-in cartoons, and paper people. With so much material, there is something for artists of every age in this guide. Best of all, it is all contained in one book, keeping creative projects centralized and not strewn about the house.

3. Artie 3000


Educational Insights

For the more STEM-inclined artists, Artie 3000 is a wonderful mix of computers and creativity. The little robot has a marker attached to its bottom, which can be swapped out for other colors. Young scientists can program the bot with code that ranges from easy, pre-made directions to more challenging problems. Then with that imported data, Artie moves around and draws on paper! The design is predetermined by the code resulting in precise work and a controlled outcome (so no messy work!). Artie is an honorary MENSA member, and with your help, may become a recipient of the National Medal of Arts.

4. eeBoo Pattern Scratch Papers

eeBoo Pattern Scratch Papers


After the rain, there's always a rainbow, which is true of eeBoo scratch paper as well! With the bamboo stick-pen, just etch a design into the dark paper, and watch as rainbow designs appear. Every mark forms a bright work of art without any mess. These cool two-piece-total crafts are also available as stickers instead of sheets.

5. Kid Made Modern On-the-Go Vacation Journal Kit

Kid Made Modern On-the-Go Vacation Journal Kit

Kid Made Modern

For the Camper on the go, this kit contains it all! The kit is tailored around vacationing with a journal of coloring pages, 12 brightly colored markers, and a fresh, fun way to document the memories made by your family. The creative outcomes are limitless, whether on a plane, in a hotel, or just visiting Grandma for the weekend. It all conveniently fits in a stylish, portable fabric bag to stay organized. On the go or staying put, having everything in one place is a lifesaver.

6. Ooly Make No Mistake Erasable Markers

Ooly Make No Mistake Erasable Markers


Another Ooly favorite! For the perfectionistic Campers, coloring outside of the lines can be heartbreaking. With these Ooly tools, that fear flies out the window! The twelve brightly colored markers are double-sided, with one traditional marker tip. The other side is an eraser, which can be used to fix any mistakes. The more experienced artist can also use the eraser's fine point to add texture and highlights to their masterpieces.

7. Jaq Jaq Bird Doodle It Book

Jaq Jaq Bird Doodle It Book

Jaq Jaq Bird

The Doodle It Book is the sustainable, eco-friendly solution to mess-free coloring.  The book has eight pages to doodle on and four non-toxic ButterStix crayons, but the magic is in the cleanup. Using a damp cloth, just wipe down the illustration and start all over again. The Jaq Jaq Bird slate has an array of cute fabric covers to choose from. The possibilities are endless, but the paper waste is not. Save the environment and the hassle of cleaning up at the same time.

8. Mudpuppy Activity Pack To Go

Mudpuppy Activity Pack To Go


Packaged in a suitcase, this pack is stacked with fun, quick activities for young creators. Inside is a sketch pad to make unique designs, along with guides for making picture-perfect crafts. So whether it’s the tea party pack, outer space theme, or anything in between — go, go, go!

9. Chunkies Paint Sticks



Even the smallest of hands can create beautiful paintings with these self-contained paint sticks, making them an excellent gift for all ages. Although they’re filled with paint, they feel more like drawing with a crayon. Just open, twist, and drag along your paper to leave broad strokes of color. The pack has 12 vibrant colors, which mix wonderfully, so imagination is the limit! These Chunkies are fast drying and smudge-free, so there’s no impatient waiting required. When you’re done, recap the Chunkies, hang the work on the fridge, and it’s on to the next project!