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These Designers Turned Kids' Superhero Drawings Into Amazing Comic Book Covers

Eat your heart out, Captain America; it’s Sheep Man’s time to shine.

Jack Shepherd


Best Kid Stuff

Coming up with an original superhero is a time-tested way for an aspiring artist or storyteller to express their creativity and hone their craft. But if you want to put some spin on the ball, you can take the concept to a whole new level by bringing in professional designers to make the process a glorious collaboration. That’s just what Best Kid Stuff did, enlisting 10 young creators to invent 10 new superheroes for the 2020s and pairing them with pros who could make their creations ready for the bigtime.


Thanks to these collaborations, we have a whole new League of Superheroes who are good enough to replace anything that Marvel or DC has to offer (do we really need another Spiderman movie?) with an entirely kid-imagined world-saving unit focused on important things like saving the oceans, putting out forest fires, and — in the case of Swashbuckler Man — swashbuckling. 

00 New-League-of-Superheroes

Honestly, who needs Thor or Wonder Woman when you can have Sheep Man? The dude looks like a sheep and fights aliens. It’s the perfect concept. Take a look at these amazing superheroes co-created by kids and designers for a better, sheepier future with cleaner oceans and more swashbuckling.

OSSH (by Harry, Age 11, England)


“Our oceans are valuable, and there can’t be too many underwater superheroes in the world. OSHH is a super-modern superhero whose gun sucks up plastic from the ocean and turns it into oxygen. The hero’s wetsuit is camouflaged to keep him safe, and – this is very cool – his rocket boots not only help him to swim faster but to walk along underwater cavern walls.”

Rosie the Rainbow Sparkle COVID Nurse (by Hannah, Age 8, England)


“The Atomic Age gave us The Atom. The Coronavirus Age? Rosie the Rainbow Sparkle COVID Nurse! When she chants “Rainbow cat power!” her cat Shadow shoots rainbows at all the naughty COVID, transferring it to Rosie’s hair bow for safe storage. Rosie also has a dragon called Spark, mostly for good company.”

Super Ice (by Dante, Age 5, Argentina)


“Another very timely hero, Super Ice’s stated objective is to put out forest fires by flying above and shooting water bombs. This is especially brave when you consider he’s made of ice! Thankfully, Super Hielo can recharge and make himself giant by drinking river water. Super Ice’s four-legged friend is a giant ice dog who shoots icy x-rays from his eyes.”

Sea Rescuer (by Elias, Age 9, Greece)


“Like a subaquatic Batman, Sea Rescuer uses gadgets and wit to rescue people instead of relying on supernatural powers. Gadgets include powerful arm and leg flippers and a light-emitting disk on his chest for seeing in the dark or stormy weather. Despite his name, Sea Rescuer is willing to diversify into ocean, river, and lake rescue.”

Swashbuckler Man (by Martin, Age 8, Spain)


“Swashbuckler Man’s golden sabers are this masked hero’s special feature. If he throws them, they come back, and they have the power to surround his enemies with power rays! While he can’t fly, Swashbuckler Man is very good at jumping and can spin and tumble in the air to gain an advantage over even the biggest of foes.” 

Super Doctor (by Helena, Age 7, Argentina)


“The world’s doctors do a stunning job, but it’s harder than ever to get an appointment. Step in Super Doctor – there’s no waiting on hold because she senses sick children telepathically! Before you can say ‘home visit,’ Super Doctor will arrive on her flying board with her super magical backpack full of healing tools. If the patient wakes up during treatment, Super Doctor’s fairy sidekick will keep them amused with stories and jokes.”

Andrey (by Nadia, Age 6, Ukraine)


“¡Vamos! Idemo! Вперед! Whatever language you use, there’s no more thrilling call to action than “let’s go!” This is the catchphrase of Andrey, 6yo Nadya’s unpretentious flying superhero. Tune in each week to see Andrey yell “superpower – let’s go!” at his normcore sidekick, Mike.”

Crypton (Jacob, Age 10, Philippines)


“Who needs a sidekick when you can clone yourself? Crypton wears green stormproof spandex and can multiply himself to help more people at once. And thanks to his teleporter watch, he needn’t waste money on multiple airfares to get him to where he’s needed. Crypton uses his superpowers to heal people and nature, getting rid of hurt and making the air smell better.”

Vanessa (by Viola, Age 11, Ukraine)


“Do you ever secretly wish for a superhero to come save you? Keep wishing! Vanessa can read minds and uses her antennae to detect when good people need helping and bad people need stopping. She might not be able to fly, but Vanessa can jump really far, and her coterie of small fairies and elves are never far behind her.”

Sheep-Man (by Wyatt, Age 5, England)


“Somewhere in England, a mysterious farmer grows a coat of wool at a moment’s notice to become – Sheep-Man! Sheep-Man roams the fields on his Super Tractor (sheep don’t fly) with sidekick Lamb-Girl, protecting farm animals by shooting wool at aliens and baddies. Origin story? Bitten by a sheep.”