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This Curated Music Subscription Will Have Your Whole Family Jamming to Mozart

Juliet and the Elf creates curated playlists to spark your kids’ imaginations “with everything from Mozart to Marsalis.”

Jack Shepherd · 8 months ago

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Are you tired of singing “Wheels on the Bus” for the thousandth time? Have you found yourself daydreaming about finding Old MacDonald and telling him to shut his animals up or face the consequences? Do you have recurring nightmares about a certain sharp-toothed, predatory infant sea creature and her family who will remain, for the sake of all of our sanity, unnamed? 

Yeah, me too. Fortunately, it turns out that there’s absolutely no reason kids can’t learn to enjoy Classical music and Jazz — and the up-and-coming subscription e-newsletter and playlist platform Juliet and the Elf is here to help you find the pieces most likely to engage kids, and inspire families to broaden their music horizons. 

Juliet and the Elf’s mission is “to dispel the myth that Classical and Jazz genres are stuffy, dull snooze fests.” To that end, they release a biweekly newsletter full of recommendations and tips on how to make listening to music fun and engaging for kids, as well as curated Classical and Jazz playlists that are designed to get kids jamming out to Beethoven, grooving to Thelonious Monk, or relaxing to Debussy.

Relaxing Bathtime

The core philosophy behind Juliet and the Elf is their idea of “Intentional Inspiring Music,” meaning pieces that have inherently complex patterns that will engage kids and prepare them to further explore music in all its richness and variety. To that end they’ve created a series of playlists that will help you and your family bring accessible but substantial pieces from Jazz and Classical composers into your music diet and (hopefully) exile that dastardly newborn sea fish and her odious family to the furthest reaches of the ocean forevermore.

You can learn more, and enjoy tons of playlists like the below by checking out the Juliet and the Elf website, or following them on Instagram.

Beethoven Shimmy

The Great Jazz Dance Partay

Sleepy Music for Babies