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This Dad Draws a New Dad Joke on His Daughter's Lunch Bag Every Day

And he’s been at it for eight PUN-ishing years.

Jack Shepherd

Sandwich Bag Dad

All photos courtesy of Sandwich Bag Dad via Instagram

Crafting the perfect dad joke is an art. You need just the right combination of puns, wordplay, and sheer stupidity to generate the coveted groan-laugh-hybrid that is the desired result. Make it too funny and you’re just doing comedy. But if you lean too hard on a bad pun that can’t take the heat, you’ll just get an eye-roll and a sigh, which, let’s be honest, is nice, but not the reaction you’re hoping for. 

But if you want to learn from the master, you’ll need to talk to Dave, aka Sandwich Bag Dad, who’s been drawing a glorious, hilarious, groan-inducing Dad joke on his daughters’ lunch bags every day for eight years. Oh, and he has three daughters, so that means he’s got to produce three bags of laughs every day. 

Dave’s sandwich bag comedy career started when he made school-lunch duties more fun by carving shapes into the kids’ sandwiches to keep them amused. He decided it was easier just to draw directly onto the bags instead, and the rest was history. Here are a few great ones, and you can find a bunch more by following him on Instagram. Be warned: Heavy Duty Dad Jokes ahead.

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