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This Son Photoshops His Dad Into Famous Movie Scenes and the Results Are Hilarious

Pretty much every movie can be improved by adding a Dad somewhere.

Jack Shepherd · 5 months ago

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All photos courtesy of The Dadvent

Matt Bonito is a UK-based designer who has found a way to do something useful with his graphic design education: Staging photoshoots so that he can put pictures of his dad into iconic movie scenes. What started off as a joke for his Facebook friends has turned into an annual tradition, with a new batch of hilarious photoshops appearing on The Dadvent at the end of every year. 

Matt’s Dad, Dom, is in on the joke. As a popular retired teacher, Dom is very well known in the small town where he lives and the posts are a huge hit with his friends. Below are a few of the funniest photos from The Dadvent, most of which take a serious or dramatic scene from a classic movie to the next level by turning up the Dadliness dial a few notches. You can see a bunch more and join all the fans who are eagerly awaiting the next batch of Dadvent pics by following along on Instagram.

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