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11 Cool Room Decor Projects You'll Definitely Want to Make

11 trendy DIYs for tweens and teens looking for a room upgrade — without a gajillion-dollar Target run.

Margo Gothelf · 4 months ago

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Looking for a room upgrade? We’ve rounded up a bunch of DIY projects that'll transform your bedroom. We’ve kept everything pretty trendy and entertaining to make — some are practical, and some just look cool. Check out some of the ideas on the list below and get ready for a whole new room!

Woven Wall Hangings


Art Bar

Ease into the world of weaving and spruce up your room all at the same time with this addictive weaving project. Head on over to Art Bar where you’ll see how to set up a mini loom made of cardboard. Don’t be intimated by all of the steps! You’ll fall into the motions once you get a few stitches going. You can even add in few accessories on the ends of the tassels for extra personality, like pony beads or pom poms.

Yarn Chandelier

yarnballchandeliertutorial 6

Hostess With the Mostess

If you're indecisive when it comes to decorating your room, these yarn chandeliers might be a good option. They are quick to make and can easily be taken down if you change your mind. One small detail — they are a bit messy to make, so just make sure you are ready to get your hands dirty. Check them out over on Hostess With The Mostess.

Yarn Pom Pom Garland

If you’ve never made a pom pom before, get ready to learn! All you need is some fluffy yarn and scissors — that’s truly it! You’ll be a pom pom making machine in no time. Head over to She Saved to find out all the details for this project. 

Rainbow Thread Heart String Art


Sugar Bee Crafts

Pro-tip for this craft: start with a simple shape. This might not seem complicated since it’s just wrapping embroidery string around nails, but starting easy will let you nail it on the first try. Once you’ve mastered the concept, move on to harder designs and even make boards in different sizes to complement each other.

DIY Floral and Wire Words


Lovely Indeed

This floral wire word craft will bring you a little bit of inspiration and brighten your room each morning. To get started, find a phrase or quote that brings you a little bit of happiness, along with some artificial flowers that go along with the message or quote. If you can’t decide on a phrase or quote, try making your name in flowers!

Geometric Wall Clock

geometric wall clock


Creative AND useful, this geometric wall clock gives your room a nice pop of color while also helping you keep track of time — well, hopefully. Don’t be intimated by the clean look of the clock, it’s actually pretty easy to make. The hardest part involves drilling in the functional clock bits, so you’re probably going to want an adult around to help out with that part.

Dry Erase Board and Desktop Tray


Sugar and Cloth

Tweens and teens these days have busy schedules and complicated lives. It's just facts. Stay on track with this trendy dry erase board that doubles as a desk decoration that you'll actually want to have in your room. When you've checked off all the tasks on your to-do list, the frame also doubles as a desktop tray to keep everything organized. No matter which way you use it, it's as functional as it is cool-looking. Head on over to Sugar & Cloth to find out all of the details.

Double Hoop Wall Hanging


DIY Inspired

Easily transform that bare wall in your room with this double hoop wall hanging. The simple project requires two different-sized metal rings and some yarn — it’s that easy. The hardest part will be making sure you have all of the yarn cut to the same size, so you might want to call in a quick assistant — or an organized little sibling. When you're done, you just might be tempted to make one for every room in the house.

Easy Tissue-Paper Canvas Art


Mama Plus One

Sometimes canvases don’t have to be covered in paint to transform a room. These easy tissue-paper canvases are a prime example. The canvases use simple tissue paper and a flowing geometric pattern over multiple canvases to create an elegant design. The best part? The canvases are pretty quick to take on and off the walls, so they can be rearranged any time you want to switch things up.

Marbled Clay Ring Dish

ring dish

A Beautiful Mess

If you were a big fan of clay pinch pots back in the day and want to bring those vibes to your room, this marbled clay ring dish is right up your alley. The little dishes are perfect to store your jewelry in or just keep out as decorative items. Whatever you use them for, they're a big step up from your kindergarten clay pots. 

DIY Hammock Chair

hammock chair

A Beautiful Mess

Looking for a new desk chair? Perhaps just somewhere to sit and chill out without your crazy siblings running around the house? Then you’ve got to check out this DIY hammock chair. The chair requires a bit more handiwork than your typical DIY project, so get ready to roll up the sleeves — or to be a great assistant to mom or dad. Check out the details over A Beautiful Mess and get ready to get swinging.