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Easy Ugly Holiday Sweater DIYs You Need To Try

Make your best Ugly Holiday Sweater ever with these impressively easy, festively hideous designs!

Sarah Burns



Things can really get ugly around the holidays — especially the sweaters. If there’s a holiday party anywhere in your future, break out the glue gun and get in the spirit with some hilarious, fashionably questionable sweater designs. No sweater? No problem: sweatshirts, and long sleeve tees will do in a pinch.

Use one of our ugly holiday sweater designs to make your own festive fashion faux pas using supplies you probably already have laying around (because haven’t you done enough holiday shopping already?). We've also found some more impressively hideous (and totally doable) DIYs to make your season extra ugly. Happy ugly holidays!

Easy Ugly Holiday Sweater Designs You Can Make at Home

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Heeral Chhibber

Making an ugly holiday sweater isn't about being super crafty — it’s about making something totally ridiculous, and having fun while doing it! You don’t need much to get started, but you will need a few things — particularly a hot glue gun, and a lot of hot glue sticks

Pick an easy Ugly Holiday Sweater design according to what pieces you have on hand, and use our guide for where to glue your decorative elements!

Ugly Holiday Sweater Supplies

  • A sweater or sweatshirt to work with — pretty much any color will do.

  • Tinsel

  • Cotton balls

  • Fabric scraps

  • Pom poms

  • Buttons

  • Embellishments, like sequins, rhinestones, gems, beads, bows, fake flowers — even stickers.

Red or Green Elf Sweater

Elf Ugly Holiday Sweater

  1. 1.

    Cut fabric scraps into triangles; glue around collar and sleeves

  2. 2.

    Glue buttons down the front

  3. 3.

    If you have pom-poms, glue one to the top of each fabric triangle

Xmas Tree Sweater

Xmas Tree Ugly Sweater

  1. 1.

    Cut fabric scraps into stars and glue all over

  2. 2.

    Wrap tinsel around sweater

  3. 3.

    Glue embellishments all over like ornaments

  4. 4.

    Make a big star from scrap fabric to top the tree, and glue it to a headband or hair clip

Snowman Ugly Sweater

Snowman Ugly Sweater

  1. 1.

    Fluff cotton balls and glue to form a snowman

  2. 2.

    Fluff more cotton balls and glue around the ends of the sleeves and the bottom hem

  3. 3.

    Decorate snowman with buttons

Santa Ugly Sweater

Santa Ugly Sweater

  1. 1.

    Fluff cotton balls and trim collar, bottom hem, and ends of sleeves

  2. 2.

    Glue buttons down the front

Menorah Ugly Sweater

Menorah Ugly Sweater

  1. 1.

    Glue tinsel together to form the menorah shape, and glue only the top parts of the branches to the sweater and sleeves (let the rest dangle)

  2. 2.

    Glue the center branches to the sweater

  3. 3.

    Add yellow or orange embellishments for the flames

More Excellently Ugly DIY Ideas

DIY Cat Ugly Christmas Sweater


Crafting in the Rain

Horrible pun aside, this is so ugly, it’s kinda cute. Those mouse elbow patches? Totally adorbs. If you’re a low-key crafter with a Cricut, it doesn’t get much easier than this Christmassy craft. Designer Stephanie Paxman from Crafting in the Rain provides the PDF, and a helpful step-by-step in this purr-fect holiday DIY.

DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater

Fine masonry takes a little time, but throw on some boppin’ holiday tunes like DIYaholic does in this video tutorial, and you’ll have a place to hang your stockings before the twelve days of Christmas are through! It’s a little labor intensive, but the final effect — complete with lights, bedecked in garland — is truly something to behold, and will absolutely put you in the running for gold at your next Holiday Sweater competition.

DIY Ugly Tropical Sweater


Aww Sam

Take a tropical vacay and celebrate the season with swaying palm trees, a friendly flamingo, and lots of colorful holiday lights. Remember when you tried crocheting for a few weeks before realizing what you really enjoyed was buying yarn? Well dust off those hooks, because this terrifically tacky tutorial by Aww Sam uses a few beginner stitches and colorful felt bits for a holiday sweater that'll really take you places!

DIY Ugly Sweater Christmas Face Mask


Crazy Little Projects

Wearing a face mask has lots of bonuses: you can make faces at people without them knowing, lip sync to your favorite tunes without looking like a total weirdo, and now, it’s just one more way to express your holiday spirit! Don’t let the sweaters steal the show — if you wanna go all out for the holiday party, make a mask that matches the vibe with this festive how-to by Crazy Little Projects.

DIY Christmas Lights Sweater


Studio DIY

Light the way to the party in a sweater you’ll be proud to admit you made. It’s another crochet offering perfect for crafting newbs, with a detailed pattern and tutorial by StudioDIY, but if you’re not crochet-inclined, swap out the hooks for black ribbon, and craft felt bulbs and get to gluing.

Snow Globe Ugly Sweater Tutorial

Shake things up with this brilliant design by Morena's Corner. It’s a creative use of craft supplies and dollar-store supplies, and can be easily adapted to fit any interest, or to use whatever supplies you already have at your disposal. With working lights, a flurry of snow and a holiday dinosaur, this is ugly sweater is a real showstopper!

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