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Make History (Literally!) with These Crafts Inspired by Notable Women

Make cool stuff inspired by women who did cool stuff!

Margo Gothelf · 9 months ago

Womens History Month Crafts

Celebrate Women’s History Month by honoring some of your favorite women and their notable accomplishments — in craft form! Make a flower crown to honor legendary artist Frida Kahlo, or belt out a tune with a recycled paper microphone to celebrate Ella Fitzgerald. You’ve got a whole month of crafting ahead of you — get ready to make cool stuff, just like these notable women did!

1. Queen Elizabeth II: Imperial State Crown

Queen Elizabeth II: Imperial State Crown

Red Ted Art

It's been 68 years since Queen Elizabeth II first stepped into power as a young 27-year-old. During her coronation, she wore the famous Imperial State Crown, which is set with over 2,800 diamonds — you know, no big deal. Honor the Queen and make an Imperial State Crown crown for yourself (minus the hardware, of course). Visit The Tower of London’s website where you can see the crown up close to make your replica as close to the original as possible — or use your imagination to make it your own.

2. Frida Kahlo: Flower Headband Crown

Frida Kahlo Felt Flower Headband

The Art Bar

Frida Kahlo was a talented artist who learned to channel her pain into passion. At a young age, the talented painter suffered a severe accident that would lead to lifelong pain. However, that didn’t stop Kahlo from thriving as an artist. Kahlo loved to paint herself and would often include her signature flower crown in her self-portraits. The flowers represented her Mexican heritage and were normally picked from her very own garden. Want to make a flower crown just like Kahlo’s? Head over to Art Bar Blog where you’ll find out how you can make a replica crown right out of felt.

3. Mary Jackson: Paper Rocket

Mary Jackson: Paper Rocket

The Inspiration Edit

If you love rockets, NASA, and pretty much anything related to outer space, you should probably thank Mary Jackson. Jackson was the first Black female engineer to work at NASA and was part of the key team that helped NASA get astronauts into space during the 1960s. Honor the great engineer and learn how to make a rocket of your very own. Disclaimer: this one unfortunately won’t get you to space. But who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself working at NASA one day because of the doors Jackson was able to help break down. 

4. Amelia Earhart: Paper Roll Airplane

Amelia Earhart: Paper Roll Airplane

Sunshine Whispers

Amelia Earhart was all about reaching new heights, both literally and figuratively. Honor Earhart and her solo journey around the Atlantic Ocean by making an airplane of your very own. While the toilet paper roll airplane won’t make it across the Atlantic Ocean like Earhart’s plane, it probably will be fine for a trip around the kitchen table.

5. Georgia O'Keeffe: Chalk Pastel Poppies

Georgia O'Keefe - Chalk Pastel Poppies

Projects With Kids

Georgia O'Keefe was a transformative figure in the modern art world. The pioneer was one of the first major artists to earn the respect of the male-dominated art community during the 1920s with her desert landscapes and flower portraits. Her style was detailed yet abstract and was often influenced by what she was feeling at the moment. Want to see if you can recreate O'Keefe’s style on your own? Check out this chalk pastel poppies project and get ready to channel your inner O'Keefe.

6. Misty Copeland: Paper Ballerina Craft

If you love ballet, chances are that you are a huge fan of Misty Copeland. If you’re not super familiar, let me catch you up real quick. Copeland is a ballerina prodigy who made history by breaking down barriers by becoming the first Black principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre in 2015. Celebrate Copeland and her history-making moves with this dancing paper ballerina craft. When the craft is ready, look up some of Copeland’s previous performances and see if you can recreate them using the paper ballerina.

7. Ella Fitzgerald: Paper Roll Microphone

Ella Fitzgerald: Paper Roll Microphone

Glued to My Crafts

Embrace your inner Ella Fitzgerald and belt out a few jazz tunes with this paper roll craft microphone. While this microphone may be made out of recycled material, there is nothing recycled about Fitzgerald, as she is truly one-of-a-kind. In 1958, the singer became the first Black woman to win a Grammy Award — the first of 12 Grammy Awards Fitzgerald would win over the course of her career as “The First Lady of Jazz.”

8. Jane Goodall: Monkey Paper Puppet

Monkey Paper Puppet

Ruffles and Rainboots

Jane Goodall is proof that your love for animals can make a real difference in the world. Jane was able to make her dream of working with chimpanzees into a reality, becoming the most important chimpanzee expert in the world. Show off your appreciation for Goodall and her love for the animal kingdom with this monkey paper puppet craft. Who knows, this puppet craft might be the spark that sets off a passion for animals, just like a toy did for Goodall.

9. Julia Child: DIY Aprons

Julia Child - DIY Aprons

Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Learn how to master the art of cooking while actually keeping clean thanks to these charming DIY aprons. An apron will keep you nice and tidy while you cook your way through Julia Child’s cookbooks and more. Child was a pioneering figure in the cooking community and famously paved the way for French cuisine to become popular in America. Most importantly, she taught everyone how to be comfortable in the kitchen, no matter what they were cooking. 

10. Harriet Tubman: Paper Lantern

Harriet Tubman: Paper Lantern

Woo! Jr.

Harriet Tubman understood what it meant to be brave. After she made the daring and bold escape on the Underground Railroad to flee slavery, she returned to the South countless times to help others who were in her exact situation, risking her freedom each time. Tubman helped over 300 people make the journey back to the North in the dead of the night using the path of the Underground Railroad and guiding them with her lantern. Honor Tubman with this lantern craft activity and hang it up somewhere to remind you to be brave just like Tubman. 

11. Dolly Parton: Recycled Guitar

Dolly Parton: Recycled Guitar

Red Ted Art

When most people think of Dolly Parton, they immediately think of her country music. While she is one of the most-awarded female country performers of all time with 10 Grammy Awards and 50 Grammy nominations, she is also a major humanitarian and philanthropist. Through her Dollywood Foundation, she has been able to raise money and give back to children and animals who need assistance. Parton was able to get this far because of her music and her guitar, so honor Parton and make a guitar of your own out of recycled materials. Once it’s put together, you should definitely see if you can sing along to some of Parton’s songs. 

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