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15 Friendship Necklaces as Unique as Your Bestie

Celebrate your bond with a little bling and a lotta puns.

Sarah Burns · 4 months ago

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Unique Best Friend Necklaces

They’re your loudest cheerleader, keeper of your most trusted secrets, and sometimes they seem to know exactly what you’re thinking before you even do: Your best friend! June 8 is National Best Friends Day — the date chosen by Congress in 1935 as a day to celebrate, honor, and spend quality time with those we hold dearest. But best friends are (obviously) worth celebrating all year round.

The best part of having a bestie? You can have more than one! Friendship necklaces are a classic way to declare your special bond with your bud, but classic doesn’t have to mean boring. Here are some unique friendship necklaces as unique as each of your besties:

1. For the far-away friend:

You may be in different states, and most of your quality time is over FaceTime, but this friendship of yours is a map-defying bond.

2. For your friend who follows the Prime Directive:

For the Spock to your Kirk; the Data to your Geordi; the Bashir to your Garack; the Odu to your Quark… you get it.

3. For a friendship that’s anything but the pits:

Give this to your friend to say you avocadon’t want to be without them, because they totally guac your world!

4. A pawsitively purrfect gift for a most radi-claw friend:

Do you and your bestie have feline friend furbabies? This pendant celebrates them both!

5. For the friend who understands this sacred oath:

A promise is a promise, but a pinky promise is a sacred act with those chosen few you know can keep a secret.

6. For minimalists:

Simple, subtle, and symbolic of the cyclical nature of relationships, and friendships without end. 

7. A personalized slice for the whole gang:

They’re your tribe, your best buds, the crew you know will always be there without your having to ask; these are the people who truly have a pizza your heart.

8. For the brunch buddies:

You try different spots every weekend, can recommend the best picks off the menu, and you both know exactly what time the “bottomless” Mimosas end. 

9. For the friends who choose YOU:

You’re aMewsed by the same things, and always have a ball together!

10. Because it always helps to have a reminder:

A best friend is a star that helps you shine, no matter how far apart.

11. For the friend who takes the time to ask, “Oreo okay?”:

You might dunk on one another sometimes, but at the end of the day, they’re always there to help make you feel whole again.

12. For your friends in every Hogwarts House:

Gift a key to your friends in each Hogwarts house so you can all sneak out for some extracurricular activities — just don’t wake Mrs. Norris!

13. Because you’re always trying to spend s’more time together:

You can turn to them when you’re feeling mallow-dramatic, and the conversations can be in-tents, but they’re always there with great advice when you’re feeling toasted.

14. For the only Mac to your Cheese:

Gouda friends are hard to find! Even though you might diss-a-brie sometimes, this is one friendship you could never leave in the past-a.

15. For the friend you donut ever want to be without:

You’re never jelly of one another; your friendship is a-glazingly strong, sweet, and hole-some