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6 Inauguration Day Activities You Can Do At Home

Take part in history in the making with the whole family — without even leaving the house!

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

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The countdown is officially on to an important day in our country's history! On January 20, 2021, millions across the country — and the world — will witness the swearing-in of President-elect Joe Biden to become the 46th President of the United States. Kamala Harris will make history as the first woman to become Vice President — as well as the first Black woman and the first Asian American woman to hold the office. Together, the two leaders plan to usher in a time of healing and unity for our country.

Inauguration Day will inevitably look a little different this year, but organizers say the event has been “reimagined” like never before. Take part in the festivities virtually, and enjoy these celebratory activities at home with the fam!

1. Watch the Swearing-In Ceremony Live and Read Along

Capitol Building


Don’t miss history in the making as President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris take Oaths of Office on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol — and the keys to The White House! Recite the presidential oath word-for-word for a bit of fun — or to practice for the future when you run for President yourself. You can watch the ceremony live around noon here.

2. Watch Biden Deliver His Inaugural Speech (and Compare It to Past Presidents’)

Lincoln's Inaugural Address


Next up, Biden will take center stage to deliver his inaugural speech, where he will lay out his intentions, hopes, and dreams as the next President of the United States. See how Biden’s speech compares to years past right here, from President Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, to Bill Clinton! For extra credit, read aloud Abraham Lincoln's famous second inaugural address (when he promised a government "with malice toward none") to hear how past leaders spoke in comparison with leaders today.

3. Take Part in the Parade (Virtually!)

Pennsylvania Avenue


While the President would traditionally go on a ceremonial parade down Pennsylvania Avenue from the U.S. Capitol to the White House, this year, the Bidens and their entourage will arrive at the White House with a presidential escort. However, a celebratory parade will happen — albeit virtually — featuring communities across the country that will kick off around 3 pm. Add your own personal touch to the celebrations by creating this patriotic and fun-to-make American flag craft to wave during the historic procession! 

4. Take a Tour of Biden’s New Home — a.k.a The White House

White House


Inauguration Day is also move-in day for the Bidens, as The White House becomes their home for the next four years. Word is, the new First Family are set to move back to the nation’s capital and into their 1600 Pennsylvania Ave address later in the evening, so in the meantime, why not take a 360-degree virtual tour of their new digs! Explore inside the President’s residence halls, and even take a wander around the Oval Office.

5. Read Up on the Next President

Get to know the next President of the United States with help from the person who knows him best: your next First Lady! Dr. Jill Biden wrote a beautiful picture book detailing Joe’s inspiring life story. For young readers aged 4 to 8, Joey: The Story of Joe Biden is a charming and relatable way to introduce the new Commander-in-Chief through his childhood experiences.

6. ...And Learn More About the Next Vice President, Too

Kamala Harris’ name will forever be etched into the history books after she became not only the next Vice President of the United States, but also the first woman, and woman of color to hold the office! Aside from history books, Kamala Harris’s inspiring story also plays out in two empowering children’s books, written by her niece, best-selling author Meena Harris. Aimed at kids between the ages 3 to 6, they won’t want to put Kamala and Maya’s Big Idea down, or the follow-up, Ambitious Girl, for that matter!

7. Take a Page Out of Kamala Harris’ (Recipe) Book

Kamala Harris Cornbread Recipe

Kamala Harris via Twitter

They’re making history, and we’re making cornbread! Vice President-elect Kamala Harris shared her prized cornbread recipe over the holidays, and we can’t think of a better time to whip up this delicious recipe — because who doesn’t love cornbread?