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9 Signs Your Dad Might Just Be Number One

What if that “Number One Dad” mug your dad has is actually just the cold, hard truth?

Camp Stores · 5 months ago



Do you suspect that your dad might be the Number One Dad, but don’t have any way to prove it? Is he currently walking around your house with a cup of coffee in one hand and a tape measure in the other, muttering something intense about light fixtures to himself? Does he have a complicated, often unhelpful, but occasionally GENIUS solution to all of your problems, including the ones you didn’t even know you had? Has he told you the same corny joke more than once ... this morning?

These are all signs that the dad in your life might be the Number One Dad, but here are a few more just so you can be sure, and so you can celebrate him by letting him know he’s the best of them all.

1. He always smells like freshly cut grass.

Which is crazy, because you didn’t even see him mowing the lawn. He’s just somehow always giving off low-key “I just mowed the lawn” vibes. Here’s a perfect candle that’ll remind him of himself. 

2. He literally wears a hat that says “Number One Dad.”

This is one of the strongest signs that your dad might be Number One. Dads aren’t shy about advertising their strengths, so why not just make this one a self-fulfilling prophecy?

3. He grinds his own coffee beans.

Just like our dad ancestors who bravely went out onto the plains hunting for a conical burr coffee grinder with multiple coarseness settings, your dad will stop at nothing to make sure his morning brew is just so. Treat him to some great beans to go with his rig and a No. 1 Dad Tumbler to keep his precious coffee hot.

4. He likes his food picante.

Just like his jokes, dad’s favorite meals always have a bit of spice. Here’s a small batch hot sauce that’s truly worthy of him. 

5. He’s always asking you if you’ve seen his keys.

This won’t stop dad from losing his keys, but it’ll make him feel even better about himself when he finds them, inevitably, in the pocket of yesterday’s pants.

6. He’s not afraid to meet you in his sweatpants.

Your Dad is nothing if not brave, and you know that for sure because it takes a special kind of bravery to wear sweatpants at a social event. Give him these classy sweats and a top to match so he can feel good about never wearing anything else.

7. He brought supplies.

How someone can be so absent-minded and at the same time so totally prepared for everything is one of the great mysteries of dads, but it certainly helps to have a tasteful bag to put stuff in. 

8. He doesn’t shy away from reminding everyone who’s dad and who isn’t.

Sometimes Dad has to put his foot down. Yes, it’s true that nobody pays much attention to it, but it’s an important part of the Dad process and we should all let him get it out of his system.

9. He’s proud of all these things, but mostly he’s just proud to be your dad.

It’s quite an accomplishment to be the Number One Dad, but he knows that he couldn’t have done it without you.