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Stuff Your Easter Basket with Crafty, Silly, Fluffy, Fun Picks Under $25

Toys, books, stickers, crafts, stuffies, and more ways to build the ultimate Easter basket on a budget.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns



Looking for some fun toys, gadgets, and crafts to stuff the kid's Easter basket with? No worries, we’ve got you covered. From plush bears to sparkly putty, you’ll be sure to fill up that basket faster than a bunny flicks his tail!

Gund Cozys Bunny 10"

Hey, I’m not telling you what to do, or what you should absolutely put in your kid's basket, but look into this soft bunny’s soulful eyes and then you tell her that you don’t want to take her home for your Easter basket. What’s that you say, Mrs. Bun-Bun? You’re really excited to meet your new family? OK, great. I’ll leave you guys to it. 

Petite 'n Pretty 10K Shine Lip Gloss- Gia Pink

A shiny, non-sticky lip-gloss with a cute little pink color that’ll look great nestled amongst the pastel eggs and the pink Gund bunny (surely, you said “yes” to her) in your child's Easter basket.

Poppies Mega Pop Mini Donut

This fun bubble popping fidget toy is shaped like a donut with sprinkles, which (it has been said) is the form that the angels take when they visit us. Either that, or I just really like donuts. Anyway, this is a fun, stress-relieving fidget toy from OMG Pop! that kids can take on the go! Check out the butterfly, unicorn, or rainbow cloud varieties for extra popping fun!

The Good Egg

How good is The Good Egg? It’s actually kind of complicated, but it’s fair to say that while not perfect, he is clearly extremely good. Well, he is until his patience is tried by the other eggs, which is highly relatable, frankly. Here’s a charming, sweet, and funny storybook that’s a perfect gift for Easter. 

Bari Lynn Knotted Tie Dye Headband Pastel

It’s attractive; it’s stylish; and your kid can pretend it’s a tiara and that they are the Princess and everyone has to do exactly what they say. Or they can just use it to keep their hair out of their eyes. Either way, there’s plenty to love about this tasteful tie dye headband from Bari Lynn. 

Gift Republic Hungry Hockey

This portable, pizza-themed table hockey set comes with a pizza puck and mouth-shaped goalposts so the kids can practice shoving pies into their mouths in case they’re ever asked to represent their country in a high-stakes pizza-eating competition. Who knows? It could happen! 

Klutz Puffy Sticker Kit

Stickers are always a good idea when it comes to an Easter basket. These stickers are even better because the kids get to design them for themselves. They can channel their inner artist and make one-of-a-kind designs. They’ll probably want to start off with some Easter stickers to get in the holiday spirit! 

Crazy Aaron's Rainbow Shine Putty

This Easter, the kids can trade in their usual slime for some rainbow putty. This putty works just like slime but comes without the sticky mess. Not only is the putty fun to play with, but it also doubles as a fidget toy. That's an Easter basket find they can play with all year long!

Thames & Kosmos Rainbow Gummy Candy Lab

Why chomp on store-bought jelly beans when they can make their own delicious Easter candy at home? Kids can make tasty gummy rainbows, unicorns, and clouds in their choice of flavors, and your chocolate Easter bunny will have some new friends.

Canticos Little Chickies Los Pollitos Reversible Book

This chunky book shares the heartwarming tale about a mother’s love for her baby chicks. The story, inspired by the nursery rhyme "Los pollitos dicen pío pío pío," can be read in both English and Spanish thanks to the nifty reversible storytelling pullout feature. It will be an excellent story to read to the kids right before they head to sleep after a full day of Easter fun.

LEGO Make Your Own Movie

Quiet on the set — the Lego movie set that is. Kids can take their Lego creations to the big screen and learn how to make their very own Lego movie with this stop-motion animation kit. The kit dives into all of the details and shows them the ropes for lighting, sound effects, and even different camera angles. They'll be well on their way to scoring an Oscar nomination next season!

Workman Paint By Sticker Kids Zoo Animals Book

If they love paint by numbers, they’re sure to be a big fan of paint by stickers. It pretty much works the same way, without the mess of paint. Include this one in the Easter basket, but save it for a road trip or for an activity on the go. 

Gund Cozys Bunny 10" (Yes, AGAIN)

“Hey, it’s me again. The most adorable bunny in the world. You weren’t planning on leaving me here, were you? Surely not. I already love you. 🥰🐰🥰”

Updated June 2022