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9 Epic Showdowns That Are Almost as Awesome as an Akedo Ultimate Warrior Battle (Almost)

You’re invited to Akedo Training Week at CAMP!

Jack Shepherd · about 1 month ago


CAMP invites you to enter the world of Akedo and the Ultimate Arcade Warriors! These mini battling action figures with next level intensity have all the extreme moves of arcade fighting games, but off the screen and in your hands for some IRL battling action.

From October 22 through October 28, come to any CAMP store to test your skills, prove your courage, face your fears, show your bravery, and all those other things people say about awesomely epic battles: We're hosting a week-long Akedo Warrior training camp, and it's going to be one for the history books!

Best of all, every kid who shows up to test their battle skills gets a FREE Akedo figure!

This epic battle training week has us thinking about some of our dream Akedo match-ups...

Akedo Banner

When it comes to Akedo duels, every single one has the potential to be one for the ages. Who would win in an epic battle between Chux Lee’s fearsome roundhouse kicks and Starbreaker’s high-kicking roller skates? Who would be left standing after the dust settles on a legendary duel between Buster Bling with his Power Punching arm and the venomous snake club of Miss Slither? It’s impossible to say, but that’s what makes Akedo duels so much fun: They depend on you!

This week of training battles is guaranteed to be epic! To get in the mood for this awesome event, let’s take a look back at some of the great battles that have led up to this moment.

Vader Vs. Skywalker


Little did Luke know when he stepped out on that walkway on a gas-processing vane above Cloud City that he was about to have one of the most climactic lightsaber duels in history. But you know what they say,* “It’s not about the fights we’ve lost but about the dads we’ve gained along the way.”

*They do not say this.  

Gandalf Vs. The Balrog


Those of us who love to delve tend to make a point of delving sparingly and in the shallows. That’s because everybody knows that if you delve too greedily and too deep, you’re going to awaken a darkness in Khazad-dûm. Everybody except Durin, that is. 🙄 Anyway, it’s super fun watching Gandalf try and clean up that particular mess.  

Harry Vs. Voldemort


Did Lord Voldemort ever wake up in the middle of the night and look around at his black cloak, the giant snake he hangs out with, and his spindly spider fingers and wonder whether, just maybe, he’s the bad guy? Unclear, but he certainly seems surprised to discover that Harry’s the hero of this story when they finally battle. 

Diana Vs. Ares


Ares puts up a really good and impressive fight in this duel with Wonder Woman, a.k.a. Diana Prince! On the other hand, he is the literal god of war, so you’d kind of expect him to at least hold his own. And, to be fair to Ares, nobody expects the power of love. 

T’Challa Vs. Killmonger


You’ve gotta be pretty brave to take on a guy whose literal name is “Killmonger” (and who actually wears it kind of well?). Fortunately the Black Panther is as plucky as they come, and he’s got a vibranium-weave suit!

Ninja Turtles Vs. Shredder


If you told me that there was going to be a showdown between four-pizza loving teens named after Renaissance artists and a dreaded ninja warrior named The Shredder, I’d be pretty worried for those pizza teens. But then I wouldn’t really be working with all the facts, would I?

Ghostbusters Vs. Gozer


In a different time and place, Gozer would be revered as a literal fashion icon. But fashion was in a truly weird phase in the time and place where Gozer went up against the Ghostbusters, and — to be fair — everyone was preoccupied with whether or not she was going to succeed in literally destroying everything. 

Buffy Vs. Willow


Tough to know who to root for in this truly incredible combo! They’re both such great characters! That being said, let’s root for Buffy. Willow’s plans for the world if she wins are … controversial. 

YOU Vs. Your Fellow Akedo Warriors!

Do you know who was crowned champion of champions at the Akedo Super Ultimate Ultimate Tournament with Nickelodeon? Watch here and find out for yourself! And if you think you’ve got what it takes, come to the first ever CAMP and Akedo Training Week from October 22 through October 28! Test your skills in a training battle with one of our fun-loving Counselors and take home a free Mini Battling Action Figure. Most epic battle in the history of epic battles? We're thinking yes. We can't wait to see you there!