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28 Totally Amazing Gifts You Can Get in Camp’s Present Shop (and Who to Buy Them For)

We are SO EXCITED to finally be able to share Camp’s new Present Shop with the whole wide world!!! Check just a few of the most awesome presents we have to offer.

Graham Steinberg · 5 months ago

Present Shop is the first online shopping experience for kids. It’s the perfect place to get gifts for yourself, your mom, your dad, or even your dentist if you’re really pleased with your last cleaning. We thought we’d give you a hand and share just a few of our favorite toys you can get right now! When you’re ready to get started, head over to check out Camp’s Present Shop.

1. For Your Sister

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She may be a big pain in your butt sometimes, but you know your nemesis deserves a present now and then too. Give her some of her favorite dolls and figurines or teach her some new skills like coding or basketball.

Gifts for your sister:

2. For Your Brother

He’s been clamoring for some new toys, and you’re going to one-up mom and dad by giving the little brat the best present. We’ve got loads of vehicles, a new best friend, and an awesome old-school game for him.

Gifts for your brother:

3. For Mom


Picnic Time

Sure, she’s already got a specific day on the calendar, but isn’t every day kinda Mother’s Day? These presents are perfect for showing mom some love with a lovely day in the park, some beautiful jewelry, a trip back to the glory days, or even just a quick break from the noise.

Gifts for Mom:

4. For Dad

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Mattel Games

Father’s Day is less than a month away, so celebrate the guy that naps in your living room with some fantastic presents! We’ve got gifts for cooking out, staying in to build and play, and some of his childhood favorites.

Gifts for Dad:

5. For Your Bestie

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Singing Machine

You want to show up to the birthday party with the absolute best present for your best friend. All these toys and kits are perfect for sharing with the one you want to keep around forever. Sing your hearts out, make a movie, race down the block, or share some matching bears!

Bestie gifts:

6. For Your Teacher

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Catan Studios

The school year is just about over, so now is the perfect time to show your teacher how much they mean to you. We’ve got great games and supplies for any classroom, as well as the perfect pick-me-up for those extra-long Zoom calls.

Gifts for your favorite teacher:

7. For Yourself

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It looks like everyone else has been getting presents? Why not you too? We’ve saved some of the best gifts for last because it’s time to treat yo’ self to awesome art projects, outdoor activities, and Camp’s favorite brands.

Grab yourself a gift:

  • 3Doodler Create+ Pen Set - 16 coins

  • LEGO Classic Creative Brick Box - 7 Coins

  • Star Wars The Child Talking Plush - 5 coins

  • Stomp Rocket LED Launcher - 4 coins