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Mid-Day Movement Breaks for Animal Lovers

Hop like a bunny, stomp like a dino, wiggle like a fish, or slide like a sloth. Animals have got the moves!

Erica Silverstein

animal themed movement breaks


It’s mid-day on a weekday, and everyone’s brain has been going round and round like a hamster on a wheel. You either want to break into hysterical laughter like a pack of hyenas, or curl up in exhaustion like a lizard on a warm sunny rock. How’s a mama or papa bear to re-motivate their cubs when everyone just wants to go hibernate in their rooms? 

If you’ve got animal lovers at home, try these mid-day movement breaks that will have the whole family romping, stomping, and galloping with renewed energy through the afternoon.

Dinosaur Stomp by Koo Koo Kanga Roo

If the Cretaceous Period had a club scene, the “Dinosaur Stomp” would be the club dino-kids’ hit song. Work your best stompin’ moves or mirror the dancers who are almost embarrassingly excited about chomping like a dinosaur.

What Does the Fox Say? from Just Dance 2015

The kids might not remember the 2013 viral hit, but animal lovers will still have fun doing their best foxy dance moves in between classes. The silly song has an irresistible beat and lots of cartoon animal cameos — and will leave you with that niggling question: What sound do foxes actually make?

Sid Shuffle from “Ice Age: Continental Drift”

Kids don’t have time to watch an entire “Ice Age” movie during a school break, but they can get up out of their seats to join animated sloth Sid doing the Sid Shuffle. This sloth ain’t sluggish, so you best keep up. Don’t worry if you think your shuffling skills are extinct; Sid narrates the steps, so all you modern-day mammals can keep up.

Penguin Dance by Jack Hartmann

How many sequential penguin-flapping moves can you remember at one time? This repetitive movement song will give bodies and brains a quick workout in between math and history. Jack Hartmann gets help from a pair of cute cartoon penguins, as they flap their flippers, nod their heads, and spin around — all while trying not to wipe out on the icy Antarctic tundra.

Walking Through the Jungle by Cosmic Kids Yoga

A little yoga is what little bodies need after being stuck in a chair all morning. Cosmic Kids Yoga has an entire channel of kid-friendly yoga videos, but animal lovers will want to walk through the jungle on their movement break. Join Jaime in posing like a lion, snake, monkey, elephant, and other animals. (Note from your science teacher: Not all of these animals actually live in jungles. Just go with it.)

Yo! They Got a Backbone! by Blazer Fresh

You might wish your teacher rapped and “dropped knowledge like it’s hot,” but Blazer Fresh always has your back in that department. Budding biologists will learn the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates while they bust some hip-hop moves.

Poppin' Bubbles by GoNoodle

Fish fans will find this under-the-sea themed wiggle break fin-tastic. They’ll dolphin-ately want to rock those bubble-popping dance moves along with a flippered and ponytailed fishy pop star.

The Monkey Dance from Just Dance Kids

You don’t need a video game system to dance like a monkey, elephant, and tiger alongside the Just Dance Kids. It’s also a great opportunity to interrupt Zoom meetings with your best animal noises.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Cosmic Kids Yoga

Most kids are familiar with the ol’ “Going on a Bear Hunt” routine. Can’t go over it, can’t go under it, gotta go through it! This time, put a yoga spin on it for a full 15-minute break that will have everyone reaching for the sky and squirming on their bellies, as they stretch out from school and search for that elusive bear.

Pig on Her Head by The Laurie Berkner Band

Wait, what’s that you say? There’s a pig… on my head? Your family will be groovin’ and gigglin’ to Laurie’s catchy tune about animals hanging out on people’s heads. Just be sure to remove your animal and put on your serious face when school starts up again.

Sea Animal Dance by Little Movers

Get out your rainbow tutu and your best pair of shades, and put your swordfish on an old-timey bicycle. It’s time to shake off that exhausting phonics session by pretending to be all your favorite sea creatures. Darlin, it’s always better down where it’s wetter!

Jump Like a Bunny by GoNoodle

We actually have no idea what is going on in this video. There’s a bunny, a squirrel (we think?), a cat wearing bunny ears, and a grumpy wizard. It might be wise to save this one for after an especially sugary snack break, and then let the family go wild as they run and jump like a bunny, bunny.

Zootopia’s Try Everything by Shakira

No one can sit still when Shakira is singing “Try Everything” from the movie Zootopia. But kids don’t care about watching the Columbian superstar (or her hip-shaking gazelle alter-ego) when they can dance along with Judy and Nick and their favorite animal characters. If tired scholars are dragging their feet about getting up on them, encourage them to slow-mo it like Flash the sloth.

Baby Shark by Pinkfong

No, we could not resist. If all else fails, get your animal lover up and moving with some classic “Baby Shark.” The people in your house will either jump up and start doing the shark hand motions, or run screaming from the insidious earworm with their hands over their ears. Either way, they won’t be sitting for the next 5 minutes.