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Eleven Animals That Are Living It Up By Sliding Down

Watching cute animal videos is a slippery slope!

Sarah Burns

Animals on Slides


Slides are one of life’s simpler, and safer, exhilarations. So why should humans have all the fun? Here are eleven animals that love feeling the wind in their hair, fur, and feathers!

1. This dapper gent enjoying the Penguin Enrichment program at the Omaha Zoo:

2. A family of bears making good use of a neighbor’s swing set:

3. And these ferrets, with a playground of their own:

4. Hamsters, who know that any slight incline can make a decent slide:

5. This poor pooch who is really just doing his best:

6. These determined baby goats, also just doing their best:

7. A piglet friend who excitedly squeals with heart-melting joy as it enjoys its little slide:

8. These impatient kitties who refuse to wait their turn:

9. This family of otters that cannot wait to scamper back to the top for another go:

10. A cruisin’ crocodile taking a cool dip down this waterslide:

11. This cunning crow, who slides down a snowy roof with the help of a plastic lid: