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How to Have a Groovy Garden Themed April Birthday Party!

With the chill of winter finally behind us, April is the perfect time to bring the party outside before the bugs take over during the warmer months!

Sarah Burns


Spring is a magical time to spend outside — there’s the buzzing energy of new life, the perfumed air, the still-crisp evenings, and keeping warm with a light sweater, not to mention aromatic herbal tea. Take advantage of spring’s natural enchantments by making your next celebration a garden party!


You don’t need a garden to have a garden party — the idea is to capture the feeling of being in a garden, and potted plants are an easy way to add some spring to your space. Put the pastels away for the season and bust out the vivid hues, especially green!

DIY Pressed Flower Kit


Photo: Kitchen Counter Chronicle

A crafty floral centerpiece is a lovely choice for the party table, and you don’t even need to use real flowers to make it happen. This DIY from Kitchen Counter Chronicles combines live plants with craft stick creations for an adorable outcome. 

B Is For Bunting


Photo: The Turquoise Home

I can’t find the documentation to back this up at the moment, but I’m completely certain it’s a  scientific fact that a bunting banner automatically levels up the cute factor for everything within a half mile of its radius. This craft requires no sewing skills, and you can make them out of just about any fabric — it’s so much fun to mix and match different patterns! Find out how at The Turquoise Home.

Blooms and Tunes


Potted plants are always a great choice for decorating, especially if you’re planning a garden party without a garden. This Plant Pot/Speaker combo cleverly blends the tunes right into your decor so you can keep rockin’ around your rhododendrons.


Veggie Pizza Wreath


Photo: Inspired by Charm

I’m totally obsessed with the picture of this mouthwatering Veggie Pizza Wreath, complete with flowers in a Ball Jar in the center.  With a colorful melody of vegetable patch favorites, savory herbed cream cheese, and a flaky crescent roll crust, this is the recipe your party guests will be asking you to share.

Cacao, Raspberry & Mint Vegan Cake


How gorgeous is this decadent cacao, raspberry, and mint cake, topped with cashew cream, mint, and edible flowers? A blooming showstopper you won’t even need to heat the oven for, because this recipe is no-bake, as well as being free of gluten, egg, dairy, and refined sugar.


Electric Kettle


Your classic Garden Party is a tea and crumpets sort of affair, but who wants to be stuck in the kitchen waiting around for the tea to brew for a crowd? Don’t miss a thing with this Electric Kettle, which can heat your water in about 60 seconds, and speaking of seconds ... more tea? 

Tea Drops

Take that pretend tea party with your teensy tea drinker up a notch! Just a drop will do — a Tea Drop for your cup, that is. Give it a few minutes and a quick stir, and remember, pinkies up!


Dandelion Crown


Photo: Pixabay

Crown yourselves Garden Party royalty! Gather up your dandelions, making sure to keep stems long as you pick them, and weave them together for a crown that would make the forest fairies green(er?) with envy — in fact, better leave a couple extra out just for them! Find out how here.

Flower Dresses for Every Style


Tip-toe as a tulip in a dress that’s simply made for spring! Adorable, affordable, and available in so many patterns and colors that the hardest part will be choosing your favorite. Pick out a few for your own wearable bouquet!


DIY Pressed Flower Kit

With this pressed flower kit, partygoers can take a bit of the garden with them! A wonderful activity to share with friends, press flowers are perfect for keepsakes, for using in art pieces, or as bookmarks. What will you do with yours? 

Paint Your Own Tea Party Set

If nature painting isn’t really your cup of tea, why not try a tea cup? Try this Paint Your Own Tea Party Set and turn the tea party into a paint party! Painting a cup can be less daunting than trying to fill a blank page, and you’ll end up with a truly one-of-a-kid tea set — just be careful not to mix up your teacups. 

Kid Made Modern Wonderous Watercolor

Plein air painting is the art of being in nature, while painting what you see. It can be a challenge to pack up everything you need for an art excursion with a kiddo in tow, but with this Wonderous Watercolor kit by Kid Made Modern, the only thing you and your small friend will need to worry about is finding water, and a muse.

Hatchimals Animals Pixie Crystal Flyers

Fairies are huge fans of garden parties! Flitting and twirling high above the blossoms, these darling sky dancers magically hatch from their crystal pink egg, then spin and fly, as little partygoers chase after them. They’re the perfect little garden party pals to help burn off some energy after an afternoon of tea and painting!