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Absurdly Fun Family Activities That Will Make This the Best April Ever!

There’s a strong case to be made that April is the best month of the year. Here are some awesome activities to prove it!

Jack Shepherd


April is the coolest month, as the famous poem definitely goes, I’m sure of it. And there are plenty of reasons for that highly accurate quote that I’m certain I’ve remembered correctly! Spring has politely but firmly made its presence felt both in terms of the weather and the more general ~good vibes~ it specializes in. Easter — an unlikely combination of eggs, rabbits, extravagant hats, and chocolate that somehow totally works — sits pleasantly in the middle of the month alongside the joyful celebrations and family gatherings of Passover. And there’s also the japery and shenanigans of April Fools' Day, the positivity of Earth Day, and, hey, it’s National Poetry Month! 

So there’s lots to celebrate this month, and more importantly, lots of great activities for kids to enjoy, so here are some genuinely fun and rewarding things to do with kids in April! 

Get Silly (and Slimy!) for April Fools' Day


April’s also the foolest month! Yikes! Sorry about that! If you’re an April Fools' Day family, you’ll know that the secret to having a good one is harmless, silly pranks that surprise and delight. We’ve got plenty of easy April Fools' Day prank ideas, silly prank supplies, and funny food pranks to help you get the ideas rolling, or you could take the opportunity to become a professional prankster with our Prankster Slime Bootcamp!

Make the Ultimate Easter Basket!



The Easter Bunny might get pretty hyped up about an Easter basket full of colored eggs, but kids these days will probably happier with a little bit more variety. Check out our affordable Easter basket gift ideas for kids, or build your own Easter basket from the CAMP store! 

Teach Kids About Money, But in, Like, a FUN Way

April is Financial Literacy Month, which may not be the most exciting holiday for many of us, but we're trying to change that. At a special FREE event April 10 at four CAMP locations, we're turning over the keys and letting kids run an actual toy store — ours! — in order to learn about saving, spending, earning, and giving. Kids can earn up to $25 to spend at CAMP, and there are even more fun freebies and treats for kiddos who sign up to participate.

Celebrate National Poetry Month!

April is National Poetry Month, which means it’s the perfect time to celebrate your love of rhymes and wordplay. And if you’re worried that might be a tough sell for the kids, you’ll change your mind after a board game night featuring Rhyme Antics, a hilarious karaoke game that tests your rhyming skills. Check out this review of Rhyme Antics, peruse these resources for young poets, or make your own poetry book so your future poet laureate can get started on that writing award collection.

Try Some Outdoor Crafts



For grownups, nice weather means sitting in the garden with a book and a cool drink (if you can find the time). For kids, nice weather means bugs and dirt! But if you plan things right, you may be able to pull off both at the same time. Get the kids focused on making gardening crafts, bug crafts, or sunny, spring crafts, and see if you can’t find a bit of time to focus on that book while they’re at it. Or if you want someone else to preside over your family crafting experience, sign up for a spot for VIP Art CAMP!

Enjoy the Good Weather With Outdoor Games and Activities!



April is a month where you want to be outside as much as possible, but, like, in a structured way. Now is the time to get out the sidewalk chalk and play some classic driveway chalk games, or get nostalgic and teach the kids some of the outdoor ball games you remember from your youth. If you’ve got a decent-sized lawn, we’ve got plenty of large-lawn toys to while away the afternoon with. Or you can sign up to make some adorable Pool Noodle Monsters

Have an Amazing Passover



There aren’t that many holidays that provide an occasion to try chocolate-covered matzo, which seems like a real missed opportunity for most holidays. Fortunately, Passover knows what it’s doing. Try some of these Passover crafts and recipes to make this Passover extra special for the family!

Enjoy the Music of Spring


Welcome the spring with some joyful string music from our stringy friends the cello, guitar, and bass. This month’s Spring Strings concerts at CAMP feature a mix of classical and bluegrass tunes that are perfect for a warm April vibe. 

Try Some Earth Day Science Projects and Crafts



Earth Day is April 22, and with the wonderful signs of new life and greenery all around us, it’s the perfect time to celebrate our precious planet and think about what we can do to help her thrive. Try some of these Earth day crafts that use recycled materials, or get nerdy with some environmentally friendly Earth Day science projects

Make a Hot Air Balloon Night Light


Reserve your spot for a very special craft night to make your own hot air balloon night light, so you can ease into sleepytime in style after a day jam-packed with outdoor activities.