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Amazing Facts You Definitely Didn't Know About Your August Birthday

August kids are awesome, and here’s why (according to science)!

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

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We’re already vibing on that summer high, but there’s one day in particular that takes the cake … of the birthday variety. Yep: It’s your birthday! We all know August-born kiddos arrive into this world blessed, but now we have scientific evidence to back it up. Find out why being born during this special time of year comes with some major advantages — according to science!

1. August kids are SUNNY

August birthday facts


Given their summer birthdays, it probably comes as no surprise that August-born kids have sunny dispositions! That may be because their hyperthymic temperament (tendency to have a positive attitude) is linked to the sunshiney weather around their summer birthdates. 

2. August kids are strong and ROBUST

facts about August birthdays


Statistically speaking, August-born kids (and their summer pals) have higher birth weights compared to those born during the other three seasons. Fortunately, having a higher birth weight is linked to a number of positive health outcomes, while low birth rates are associated with a string of health issues later in life

3. August kids are TALLER

august birthday facts


Not only are August-born kids more likely to be bigger at birth, but they’re taller in adulthood, too! One study, featuring 450,000 men and women in the UK, suggests exposure to vitamin D during the late stages of pregnancy could be the reason why.

4. August kids are UP-AND-COMERS

august birthday facts


When it comes to a healthy life, it turns out being a later bloomer is a good thing! The same study found that girls born in June, July, August are more likely to hit puberty later in life, which means they are less likely to experience all sorts of health problems connected with early puberty, such as breast cancer, HPV, heart disease, and depression. 

5. August kids are FORTUNATE

august birthday facts


Lucky you — August kids are born during the most popular season of the year, according to 16 years’ worth of data by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention! Experts suspect this may have something to do with the fact that people generally spend more time indoors during the winter months (around 9 months before August ... if we had to make an educated guess)!

6. August kids are HAPPY-GO-LUCKY!

facts about august birthdays


August kids are just born with it — and they know it! According to one 2005 study, people born during the month of August tend to think they’re luckier than their winter friends. Out of 11,672 participants, 47.9% born between March and August considered themselves “lucky.” On the flip side, only 44.9% of those born between September and February said the same.

7. August kids might be the youngest in class — but they’re often THE SMARTEST!



While some studies out there suggest August kids may be at a disadvantage in school since they’re often the youngest in their class, being one of the older kids in class may not be as important as the benefits of being younger than your peers. A 2007 study discovered that relatively more mature students do not have an academic edge. In fact, when the study looked at the progress of more mature students at the end of kindergarten and middle school, they were found to be worse off. On the other hand, August kids (and their fellow younger peers), not only strive harder to keep up with the older kids in class but surpass them, the study found. 

8. August kids are EVEN-TEMPERED



August kids (and their September pals) are less likely to develop bipolar disorder, according to a 2012 study. Again, prenatal vitamin D is thought to be a factor, but it’s not confirmed. Why there are lower rates of this illness among people with August and September birthdays remains a mystery, but we’ll take it! 

9. August kids tend to be HEALTHY



More good news on the health front — August kids are at no disadvantage (or advantage, for that matter) when it comes to being at risk or disease, according to scientific study. 

10. August kids are SUPERSTARS



August kids share their birth month with some famous (and sometimes presidential) faces!  You'll be blowing out your candles around the same time as former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, as well as celebs Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa, Mila Kunis, Sebastian Stan, Jennifer Lawrence, and Kristen Wiig, just to name a few! 

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