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10 Extra-Sunny Theme Ideas for Your August Birthday Party

All sun, all fun! For brilliant birthday party inspo for your August celebration, start here.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

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August birthday kids, it’s your time to shine! Wrap up the summer by throwing a birthday party that's out of this world. Still working on a theme? Not to worry, we’ve got some excellent August birthday party ideas for you to choose from. Embrace the end of the summer with a giant beach bash or invite man's best friend with a dog-themed party. No matter which theme you choose, you're destined to have a party to remember. 

Spider-Man Day Party


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Suit up! It's time for your friendly neighborhood birthday party in honor of Spider-Man Day on August 1. Invite your guests over and activate their Spidey senses with a mask designed by Tony Stark himself. With your senses dialed up, put your skills to the test and see who can pass the agility test and knock down the most targets with their web slingers. When you're done swinging around, close out the celebration with Spider-Man-themed cupcakes. Want some more Peter Parker-approved ideas? Check out Party City for more inspiration. 

National Dog Day Party

Spend the day honoring man's best friend with a puppy party to celebrate National Dog Day on August 26. Decorate the room with pictures of your favorite dogs (real or fictional) and other puppy-themed accessories like bones and dog houses. Set up a craft station where your guests can make their very own dog to take home (don't worry, these pups are made out of paper!). Finish off the party with some puppy chow and some sugar cookie bones. Send all your guests home with a doggy bag so they can snack on their treats well after the party has ended.

National Beach Day Party



With a birthday in August, you are pretty much guaranteed to have good weather. Spend that good weather day outside and throw a birthday party at the beach for National Beach Day on August 30. Start the party by handing out sand toys and a towel as party favors so each guest has everything they need for their best beach day ever. Then, split into teams for a sandcastle building contest or play some beach games like Spikeball or volleyball. Finish off the celebration with a "sandy" cookie crumb cupcake.

National Book Lovers Day Party


Kara's Party Ideas

If you love to read and you have a birthday in August, it sounds like you're going to want to throw a party inspired by National Book Lovers Day (August 9). At this party, all of your favorite book characters are invited along for the fun. Decorate the room with scenes from your favorite books and fill the room with some of your favorite stories. Set up a crafting station where your guests can make crafts inspired by their favorite children's book or design a book cover of their very own. End the celebration with a read-along of the birthday boy or girl's favorite story. Get lost in the pages and grab more ideas over on Kara's Party Ideas

Dinosaur Birthday Party


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Take a trip waaaaay back in time to spend the day roaming around with some prehistoric friends at a dinosaur birthday bash. Welcome guests into a room right out of Jurassic Park and turn into a dinosaur yourself with this face painting tutorial (see who has the loudest roar!). When the transformation is complete, switch gears and channel your inner paleontologist by creating your very own fossils. The day wouldn't be complete without a true excavation — of chocolate cake, that is. Dig in and celebrate your new discovery! 

Airplane Party


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Fly up, up, and away with a party all about airplanes. Start off your airplane party by welcoming everyone into first class. Fill the room with cloud decorations so it will look like you are floating up high in the sky. Set up a craft station and give everyone their very own miniature plane to decorate. When you're done personalizing your planes, shift gears and see who can make their plane fly the farthest with a paper airplane contest. As you head into the landing, end the celebration with some biplane-inspired cupcakes. Find more sky-high ideas over on Simple Everyday Mom

End of Summer Bash


While we all hate to admit it, August does mean summertime is winding down. Embrace the end of the warm weather and long summer days with an end of summer bash. Go all out and throw a pool party full of floats and tropical drinks. No pool? No problem! Turn your backyard into a waterpark, inflatable slides and all. Finish off your day in the sun with an ice cream sundae bar — with endless toppings, of course! 

National S’mores Day Camping Party

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Summertime and s'mores go hand in hand, so it only makes sense that National S'mores Day falls in August. Celebrate the gooey campfire treat with a camping-themed party. Invite your guests over for an outdoor adventure hunt right in the backyard. Wrap up your adventure and use all of your findings to craft different art projects like rock painting or solar prints. Finish off your camping trip with s'mores for dessert. Stick to traditional s'mores or upgrade the campfire treat with Reese's cups, peanut butter cookies, or even some grilled peaches. See what else you can get up to during your camping party over on Pretty My Party

Slime Party


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Things are about to get a little messy at your slime-lovers' birthday celebration. Since the weather is still warm, set up a station outside to make slime in all different varieties (this will also make clean-up easier!) Make color-changing slime, slime that bubbles, rainbow slime, ice cream slime, and even slime that you can eat — just don't mix them up! When it's time to clean up, set out blank containers with markers so your guests can personalize containers to bring home their gooey creations. 

Minute to Win It Party


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Think you can get a lot done in 60 seconds? Put your skills to the test with a Minute to Win It party. Split your guests into groups of equal size and pick a team name. Then, select a team member to try and win the game at hand. There are hundreds of Minute To Win It style games, so pick a handful that work with the age range of your guests. Some favorites include Face Cookie and Defying Gravity. Check out Play Party Plan to see the rules of the game and what supplies you'll need to get the party going.