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B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Blanket) For This Extremely Cozy Storytime

Learn how to become one with your blanket in this quirky and cozy storytime with author Loryn Brantz.

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Loryn Brantz / Little, Brown and Company


Loryn Brantz

The cozy, comforting, evening-news-silencing powers of your blanket are REAL! But you already knew that, right? Grab your favorite snuggle buddy and join us for a read-aloud with author Loryn Brantz, whose new book Blanket takes us on a journey to extreme coziness. With her latest book, Loryn shows us how to make our own snuggly, cuddly cocoon and all the things you can do when you feel safe and warm. On January 17th, Loryn joins us for the cuddliest read-aloud of all time.

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Loryn Brantz / Little, Brown and Company

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Loryn Brantz / Little, Brown and Company

Listen as Loryn introduces her new book, then shows (and tells) you how to take your blanket on an adventure to space, under the deep blue sea, and anywhere else you can imagine. We’ll follow our signature storytime with a few of Camp’s coziest activities, like DIY "Blanket-Flys.”

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Loryn Brantz / Little, Brown and Company

Pick up a copy of the book and sign up for the virtual book reading and event.

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