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6 Balloon Crafts and Activities That Will Instantly Lift Your Mood

Balloons are instant fun — and these balloon crafts, games, and activities are fun on fun on fun.

Deena Campbell and Sarah Burns

balloon activities


Okay, so we're all agreed: Balloons rank pretty high among kids' favorite things to play with. And luckily for parents everywhere, balloons don't require tons of money or supervision: Just blow them up, and let the games begin!

We’ve done some digging and rounded up our favorite balloon activities for lazy spring days. If you’re a balloon-loving crew, you've come to the right place.

1. Pom-Pom Balloons


Design Improvised

How do you make balloons even more ridiculously appealing? Glue pom poms to helium filled balloons! There’s something so magical and enchanting about balloons decorated with colorful pom-poms. Try this craft at home in under 20 minutes — or even less time for small balloons. But there is one small caveat: For best results (meaning: not popping the balloons) you must be gentle when applying the pom-poms. Say it with us: “I. Will. Be. Gentle.” Got it? Good. Check out how to create this craft at Design Improvised

2. Balloon Yo-Yos

balloon yo yo


Balloons are right at the intersection of fun and creativity, and this activity is the perfect example of why. Typically you don’t think of a balloon as a yo-yo, but it can be! Fill an inflated balloon with rice (or small beans), tie it to a rubber band, attach it to at least 3 other rubber bands. Tada! An instant playmate for kids under 5 years old. Get complete details on how to do this fun activity at Tinkerlab.

3. Wacky Sacks Stress Balls


Somewhat Simple

Work is stressful, kids are stressful, and life in a pandemic can be the ultimate stresser. We get it. Look to these wacky stress balls to lessen the pressure for everyone! Grab a bag of balloons and have fun: Draw cute faces to depict each family member, draw emojis, or invent your own stress monsters to squish. Tip: For mess-free fun, fill them with play-doh instead of flour and sugar. For more details visit SomewhatSimple.

4. Create Make Believe Characters

balloon activities


The beauty of pretend play is that there aren’t any rules — and it's maximum fun with minimum ingredients and effort. Grab a balloon and some markers and let your imaginations run wild creating a cast of kooky characters to take on floaty adventures.

5. Balloon Paint Stamping


I Heart Arts n Crafts

What's not to love about painting? Aside from developing fine motor skills, there’s something freeing about painting: It’s a great way to encourage self-expression, and it's been shown to reduce anxiety, too (major bonus). If you've never tried painting without a paintbrush, you might be surprised at how many everyday things you can use to paint with ... like — you guessed it — balloons! Upgrade your next painting session with balloons by simply dipping a small balloon into a mix of colors. Get step-by-step instructions at I Heart Arts n Crafts.

6. Create a balloon photo shoot

balloon activities


Does everybody need a break from their phones? Use your family screen time for fun and stage a cool balloon photo shoot. Need ideas? Try walking with balloons, hiding behind them, tying them to bikes or scooters, or even holding balloons up as if you’re being carried away.