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Here’s a Father's Day Gift Guide For All the Hard-to-Shop-For Dads Out There

25 perfect gifts for the Dad who says “I don’t need anything” but doesn’t mean it.

Jack Shepherd

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How is it possible that dads can be just the absolute best in a general sense and yet somehow the absolute worst when it comes to finding a good gift for them? It’s one of the great mysteries of dads, like how they all manage to accumulate an astonishing number of branded beer koozies that they insist on keeping in a drawer, or like how they all have five of the same shirt that they just cycle through, or like how they all look pretty good in most hats. Anyway, instead of pondering these dad mysteries, why not solve your near-term problem by diving into this list of perfect gifts for Father’s Day, Dad’s birthday, or any time society compels you to celebrate your weird, hard-to-shop-for, but lovable dad. 

For a Casual Dad: No. 1 Dad Dadurday Hoodie

Every day is Dadurday when Dad’s wearing his “No. 1 Dad Dadurday Hoodie,” which, let’s be honest, is in fact every day. You might want to get him two of these so he can rotate them. 

For a Cool, Cooking Dad: From Crook to Cook Snoop Dogg Cookbook

No matter what he thinks, your dad will never be able to rhyme as well as Snoop, and the sooner he’s disabused of the notion that he can, the better for everyone! But with this cookbook, at least he can say honestly that he can make a Lobster Thermidor just like Uncle Snoop did. 

For a Funny Dad: Chronicle The Essential Compendium of Dad Jokes Book

A perfect gift for loving kids who are tired of being accidentally embarrassed by their dads, here’s a book that’ll give Dad all the tools he needs to do it deliberately. 

For the On-the-Go Dad: No.1 Dad Tumbler

In order to have a properly calibrated dad at all times, you need to be vigilant about where he’s left his keys, where he’s left his phone, and whether his coffee is currently the right temperature. This’ll get you a third of the way there. 

For "The Office" Dad: Inside Dunder Mifflin Book

He knows every quote, every punch line, and still gets a little choked up rewatching Pam and Jim’s wedding episode. Get dad the unofficial guide to his favorite series so he can find out his management style, and learn questionable business advice from Michael Scott. Remember to hide your stapler before gifting – you don’t need to give dad any ideas. 

For a Cheese Dad: Fresh Italian Cheese Making Kit

Some dads like cheesy jokes. Some dads like the delicate aroma of a freshly made Pecorino Toscano. Most dads like both. Encourage the good kind of cheese with this awesome kit. 

For a Chill Dad: Mindfulness Cards

The path to Dad Enlightenment begins with letting go, and these Mindfulness Cards will help even the most high-strung of dads to find their center. 

For a Cowboy Dad: No.1 Dad Appaloosa Saddle Candle

Everybody knows that when dads aren’t busy separating the self-drilling anchors from the plastic expansion anchors in their tool chest, they’re daydreaming about roping steers out on the ranch. This candle can help with that. 

For a Coffee Dad: Luckies Originals - Daily Grind

If you’ve got yourself one of those hipster coffee dads and he already has all the ironic handlebar mustache wax he needs, surprise him with this mason-jar cold brew hand grinder. 

For a Spice Dad: W&P Homemade Hot Sauce Kit

This awesome homemade hot sauce kit is so very dadly that it’s positively dangerous! Give this to your dad and watch in awe as he reaches his full dad potential. 

For a Pinball Dad: Funwares Pinball Pint Glass

Dads like retro games, they like funky gadgets, and they like having a place to put their drink! Truly astonishing to think you can satisfy all three dad needs with one gift.

For a Gadget Dad: Funky Rico Wireless Desk Charger

With this nifty little wireless desk charger, your dad will always have his phone fully charged up so he can call you and ask how much you’re putting into your 401(k). 

For a Classy Dad: Gentlemen's Hardware Lucky Socks

Socks are just the best. They come in bonded pairs, which highlights the importance of true love; they keep your feet warm, which is practical as heck; and these ones are lucky. Plus, they’re for classy gentlemen, just like your dad is. 

For a Beard Dad: Gentlemen's Hardware Beard Survival Kit

Nobody knows where dad beards come from. They just appear one day, fully formed on the chin like they’ve always been there, and they never leave. But that doesn’t mean you should just let them run wild! Here’s a beard survival kit for every type of beard dad. 

For a Super Dad: Super Dad Mug

You know your dad’s number one. Your dad knows your dad’s number one. But does the rest of the world know? Let’s make sure they do. 

For a Wordy Dad: How to Swear: An Illustrated Guide Book

For dads, swear words are even more fun when they know their etymology and what part of speech they are. That way Dad can swear and then dadsplain what it means after. Everybody wins.  

For the Forgetful Dad: Iron & Glory Make It Happen Notebook & Pen Set

Turn searching for lost memos into a treasure hunt! This inspiring pen and notebook set is a surefire way to let dad know you think all his ideas are golden.

For a Cyclist Dad: Gentlemen’s Hardware Cyclists Tool Kit

Regular maintenance is vital for bikes – let alone the fancy cycles some dads have. Whether your dad uses a bike for occasional transportation, or is completing high-speed cycling races, give him the tools to make sure his ride is always in peak performance. 

Fore a Golf Dad: Gentlemen's Hardware Accessory Set and Thumbs Up UK Golf Ball Finder Glasses

Cool, classy, and an always appreciated gift for anyone that can’t get enough of the green. The Gentlemen’s Hardware Accessory set has 3 classic wooden tees, a clean cloth, and 3 golf balls – and the snazzy blue glasses by Thumbs Up UK make sure he doesn’t lose them with any wayward swings. 

For a Dad Who's Always Trying New Toppings: Gentlemen’s Hardware Pizza Cutter Serving Board

Giving this to you Dad can only mean one thing: more pizza nights. This two piece peel and cutter set was designed with easy, equal slices in mind. The wooden peel features grooves to guide the blade down a perfect path, resulting in a perfectly sliced pie every time. Pretty cool huh? Or as Dad would say, “Groovy.”

For a Dad that Really Rocks: Luckies Rock On Mini Accessories Stand

You hate to admit it sometimes, but there’s no denying it: dad has definitely introduced you to some straight up bangers. Let dad know how you feel without ever having to say it in words, and give his headphones a place to live when they’re not on his head. 

For a Dad that’s Goin’ Places: State Bags Lorimer

Work stuff, gym clothes, travel mugs – dads have a lot of stuff to lug around. Durable and lightweight, the Lorimer by State Bags is built for functionality, boasting roomy compartments and pockets that hold everything securely, comfortably, and with timeless style.  

For an Art Appreciating Dad: Bob Ross Coloring Book

Hard day? Stressed? Need a time out? Dads can benefit from coloring breaks, just like the kids! And this one, featuring Bob Ross’s own original painting, along with his catchy, uplifting idioms, is impossible to page through without smiling at the happy little trees.

For a Dad who's Always Late: Gingko Flip Click Clock - Ash

The family might joke and say he’s running on “Dad Time”, but if he’s having a hard time with time, this might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Crafted from natural ash wood, this unique clock features a sound activated design, and easy to set, flip alarm technology, so dad never misses a moment.

For an 8-Bit Dad: Retro Arcade Controller

In a world flooded with high-tech gaming systems, it’s hard to believe what was once accomplished by 8 humble bits. The Retro Arcade Controller plugs directly into your TV for instant access to over 200 games guaranteed to bring dad right back to a simpler time.

More Father's Day Gifts and Ideas

Celebrate your Number One Dad with awesome Father’s Day gifts, crafts and recipes for Father’s Day, and fun ways to spend Father’s Day together. He’s not just your dad. He’s the world’s greatest dad!