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The 9 Best Pranks Kids Have Ever Pulled on Adults

The all-time best pranks where kids got the better of grownups!

Daniel Fernandez


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Note: Here at CAMP, we are big fans of shenanigans, antics, and hijinks (oh, my!) but only the kinds that bring laughter and joy. We do not condone nor do we endorse any kinds of pranks that may cause harm to others!

When it comes to pulling off pranks, it may seem like adults have the upper hand. They’ve been alive longer, and as a result, they’ve got lots more tricks up their sleeves. They’ve got jobs and can spend their money on creative supplies. And they’ve also got that whole “respect your elders” thing going for them. 

So what advantages do kids have when it comes to pulling off the perfect prank on adults? Creativity and the element of surprise, of course! We’ve compiled some of the best kid pranks on adults EVER, so kids can get inspired and get to pranking!

BuzzFeed - I Let My Kids Prank Me for a Week

A Mom giving her two kids permission to prank her for a week is the modern day equivalent of opening Pandora’s Box. But this time around, instead of evil spirits and plagues, the scary box contains melted chocolate inside a diaper and a fake cockroach ambush! Siblings Jackson and Wyatt have it out for their Mom in this one, but don’t worry — she does get a little PlayStation-related revenge by the end!

YouTube - Hot Tub Slime Prank on My Dad!

What’s a Dad gotta do to take a nap in peace?! Well, apparently quite a bit when he’s got four kids intent on pulling off the gooeyest and slimiest prank ever. Watch as these little rascals pour more boxes of slime mix than you can count into the hot tub their Dad is peacefully taking a nap in. They wake him up with a giant glob of slime to the face and this Dad can’t help but admit that it’s one of the best pranks he’s ever seen!

Tik Tok - Pasta Back Crack Prank

Not only is this prank borderline evil, it’s also super easy to pull off. The “Pasta Back Crack” is a devious prank where an extremely mischievous prankster puts two pieces of uncooked pasta in their mouth and then asks their Mom, Dad, or any other adult to help them crack their back. Just as they think they’re helping someone get some back-pain related relief, the prankster bites down on the pasta creating a bone chilling “CRACK!”

Ethan Fineshriber - Pranks on Mom

From replacing her favorite coffee grounds with crushed up breakfast cereal to magically sealing her cell phone inside a water bottle, popular YouTuber Ethan Fineshriber and his brother know just how to get under their Mom’s skin. Don’t you think for one second though that Mom takes Ethan’s inventive (and annoying) pranks without fighting back!

Disney TV - Walk the Prank “Froyo”

Of all the outlandish prank videos on Disney’s “Walk the Prank” channel, my favorite by far was this froyo-themed prank where three young boys take on an unsuspecting froyo store employee in their quest to get free samples. Watch the entire video to see the additional prank they pull off just when you think it’s over. Spoiler alert: It involves a malfunctioning froyo machine and a really angry boss!

Peacock Kids - Child Fortune Teller

What do the tiny tricksters over at Peacock Kids see in your future? Pranks, of course! In this video, some folks who are expecting their fortunes to be told by a wise and all-knowing clairvoyant are taken aback when 11-year-old Shannon takes a seat beside them. The moment she sits down, antics ensue!

Just For Laughs - Best Kid Pranks Compilation

From handcuffing strangers together and throwing away the key to swallowing swords whole to hiding inside the sewers, the kids over at Just For Laughs push the limits of pranking adults. Their prank compilation videos include some of the most hilarious reactions you’ll see and show us that the kids over at Just For Laughs know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to pranking adults.

Daughter’s Prank on Father Backfires

Thus far, we’ve seen kids getting the better of their adult counterparts when it comes to pranks, but here at the Prankies, we give credit where credit is due. This honorable mention goes out to this Dad who saw what was coming as his daughter tried to disguise her plan to soak him with water as a magic trick. He proves he wasn’t born yesterday and walks away from this prank dry as can be. Point, Dad!

5-Minute Crafts - 30 Best Pranks

If ever you should find yourself in need of some “prank-spiration,” check out this video by the peeps over at 5-Minute Crafts, as they walk you through 30 pranks kids can pull off using simple household materials.