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These Online Yoga Classes for Kids Will Help You Get Bendy and Go With the Flow

Fun and creative classes you can do right at ommmmm — er, right at home.

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

Online Yoga Classes for Kids


Can you do a Downward Facing Dog? Or how about a Cat-Cow? For those new to yoga, we're not playing a game of animal charades — these are some of the foundational yoga poses that are just as fun to perform as they are to say!

As any practicing yogi will tell you, yoga offers many wonderful benefits for both the body, mind, and soul. Aside from improving flexibility, strength, and balance, yoga does absolute wonders for relieving stress and improving your mood. Yoga can even help you sleep better! Best of all, you can do yoga practically anywhere — and these free online yoga classes for kids are a great way to start.

1. Cosmic Kids Yoga

Bringing mindfulness and yoga to kids all around the world, Cosmic Kids is a yoga experience like no other. Little yogis are taken on a journey through interactive stories told in yoga poses to help improve strength, coordination, confidence, and so much more. There's something for everyone — from beginner classes that focus on doing specific poses to full classes that are structured around an adventure. It's like watching an interactive story, making moving and mindfulness playful and fun.

2. Bari Koral: Kids Yoga, Music & Mindfulness

Beloved singer-songwriter and yoga expert Bari Koral combines the magic of music, movement, and mindfulness on her YouTube channel Bari Koral: Kids Yoga, Music & Mindfulness. Bari is considered a pioneer in the world of kids' yoga, presenting to over 30,000 teachers and counting on how to incorporate yoga in the classroom. Join them and get started on your fun-loving yoga journey!

3. Karma Kids Yoga

Karma Kids Yoga encourages little yogis to practice yoga in a fun-filled way. Animals, nature, and other objects come alive as we move and learn to stretch our bodies in new creative ways.

4. Kidding Around Yoga

Based on the premise that moving should be playful and fun, Kidding Around Yoga teaches traditional aspects of yoga, from yoga poses, breathing, and meditation techniques, to mindfulness and relaxation, all in a very kid-friendly and engaging way. Classes are geared toward kids ranging from 3 to 12. Get ready to slither around like snakes, bark in Downward Dog, laugh hysterically, and dance your yogi toes off!

5. Kids Yoga Stories

It's storytime ... with a yoga twist! Integrating literacy and movement, Kids Yoga Stories encourages kids to read along and move through a series of yoga-inspired children's books. Combine easy yoga poses with reading adventures to help growing bodies and minds. 

6. Go With YoYo

Jump around and get moving with Go With YoYo! Perform exercises and yoga poses with props at home such as your favorite stuffed toys, paper plates, and lots more for a playful take on yoga that engages the mind and body.

7. Bala Shala

Life isn't always rainbows and butterflies, but Bala Shala is a perfect space to be you — where you can share your feelings and laughs while performing a series of yoga poses. Practice your balance, channel your calm, grow strong, improve your focus, and even be a little silly!

8. Yoga For Kids with Alissa Kepas

Alo Yoga typically releases yoga classes for adults on their YouTube channel, but instructor Alissa Kepas is shaking things up — making special yoga videos just for kids. Yoga For Kids with Alissa Kepas makes classes fun, throwing in the occasional animal noise to keep things exciting but also educational, teaching little yogis the proper names and body positions for each pose. Each class is only 15 minutes long, but kids reap the benefits of each class for much longer. 

9. Story Hive Yoga For Kids

Instructor Sophia Khan and two little yogis guide viewers on an energetic and playful full-length yoga class with Story Hive Yoga For Kids. Sophia provides fun instructions to keep kids engaged while helping them understand the concepts. Get into a "rocket ship" (upwards salute) and blast-off (jump) into space!

10. Yoga With Adriene

Exuding positivity and playfulness, Yoga With Adriene translates perfectly for younger audiences, making her the perfect instructor for kids learning the basics of yoga. Adriene explains each move in kid-friendly, easy-to-follow language but avoids talking down to them. Her full-length classes are perfect for kids of all ages, including pre-teens who might feel too old for the other kids' yoga videos.