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Best End-of-Year Teacher Gifts Under $40, Because It's Been. A. Year.

Teachers deserve gold medals, a raise, a whole summer to relax — and something cool from this list to show how much we appreciate them.

Deena Campbell and Sarah Burns



There’s no such thing as a teacher having too many gifts. Full stop. Teachers have been our backbone and our support throughout this pandemic and we owe them an enormous amount of love and appreciation. 

The challenge is, there are so many types of teachers: plant lovers, bookworms, the workout fanatic, and of course the loving, caring teacher who is just happy you remembered them. Which makes hunting for the perfect teacher gift quite the challenge! We rounded up our favorite ways for kids and families to say a heartfelt "thank you" to their teachers for getting through the school year.

Wake Me Up for Coffee Thermal Mug

There are two types of teachers in the world: Those who drink coffee every morning and those who drink coffee every morning and afternoon. We get it. Coffee is the lifeblood that fuels most teachers and honestly, they need it the most. Gift the teachers in your life this travel coffee mug for hot drinks on the go. And even if they aren’t into coffee, it’s great for tea and water, too. 

Homesick Summer Camp Candle

The summer months are the best part of being a teacher. They can finally take some time for themselves and recharge. But before you know it, September will be here. Let’s help them remember lovely summer days with this soy wax candle that’s filled with notes of grass, lemon, lime, amber, and sandalwood. 

Plant Pot Speaker

We all know teachers have the magic touch, and this gift lets their skills shine. Touch the leaf of this plant to play their favorite songs from a Bluetooth device and show off LED lights. Perfect for the musically inclined teacher who loves fun home decor. 

Good Chemistry Coffee Prep

Your favorite science teacher — or any caffeine afficionado — can brew their chemically perfect concoction right inside a chemistry flask with this clever kit!

Cubebot Challenge Trio

Pretty much the coolest desktop accessory a teacher can have: These three sturdy wooden robot figures are addictively fun brain teasers.

Scratch-Off World Map

A classroom wall hanging that's also a lesson in geography and style? This one's a winner for any teacher who's dreaming of summer travel.

Eric the Memo Elephant

Exams, science fairs, book report presentations — part of being a teacher is keeping track of a ton of things. Desktops and drawers full of sticky notes, bits of paper, and easy-to-misplace reminders can get outta hand, but luckily Eric the Elephant is here to lend a trunk. He holds a nifty little pen perfectly sized to jot down notes into his ceramic body. When the notes are no longer needed, Eric can be wiped clean, and he’s ready to help teachers remember all things they’re not supposed to forget. 

Plant Bookends

This cleverly designed 2-part planter would be right at home in the classroom, filled with Teacher’s favorite books of the week, or in an actual home filled with whatever teachers read in their downtime. (We don’t really know what teachers read in their downtime, but we’re pretty sure it's fart jokes.)

Time for You Sand Timer

No matter how busy they are, or how many students they have, teachers are always willing to take time to help. And contrary to all appearances, teachers don’t actually get extra minutes in the day (but what a cool signing bonus that would be) — they’re working with the same 24 hours we all have. Thank them for their dedication with the sweet reminder that to give time to others, they must save some for themselves. 

Bibliophile Diverse Spines Notes

Having a book-inspired card collection is a colorful, charming way to share book recommendations (or required reading). This set of 20 celebrates all types of literature, from classic novels, to contemporary favorites, cookbooks, poetry, and picture books — because when it comes to books, why choose just one?

Make Your Own Mondrian

After a long, loud day full of kids, grading papers, and fire drills, it can be hard to think, let alone shift gears into the evening. Give the gift of a unique Zen session!  Designed to encourage creativity and foster balance, this vibrant tabletop tile set is inspired by the Modern artist, Piet Mondrian. Rearranging the tiles is a simple, contemplative activity anyone with a love of art and a hectic schedule will find soothingly satisfying.

CAMP Cotton Canvas Duffle

A good bag is hard to beat — and this retro-cool option is sure to be the teacher's favorite all-day, every day carry-it-all companion. Roomy enough for classroom essentials of course, and perfect for carrying around their summer reading.

Concrete Pencil Tray

Fact: Every teacher has a dish on their desk filled with small trinkets. The contents of the dish may vary— rings, coins, keys, and confiscated fidget toys are popular picks — but every teacher has one. Upgrade their favorite item with this a compartmentalized tray designed to keep everything tidy and accessible.

Yellow Owl Workshop Color Wheel Pendant

Everyone needs a special necklace they can throw on that instantly elevates their outfit. It’s a win with art teachers for sure, but any educator with a love of color will appreciate this little piece of the rainbow!

Tea Drops Medium Sampler Wood Box

A cuppa tea is basically a cuppa joy. This sampler set features 8 cuppas in Tea Drop's most popular flavors, nestled inside a lovely wooden keepsake box. Each flavor is lightly sweetened, so the only thing your kid's teacher will need for an afternoon pick-me-up is a cuppa hot water.

Office Supply Kit

If there’s one thing teachers always need more of, it’s supplies! It should be no surprise to parents that kids sometimes just ... help themselves to things, and every roll of tape, pair of scissors, and every last paper clip on their teacher’s desk seems to disappear. But this zip-up case contains a personal stash of essentials that can be tucked into a desk drawer, or looped over a wrist for instant access to everything your kid's teacher needs, when they need it. 

I'm Silently Correcting Your Grammar Nameplate

Okay, so if this is for an English teacher, there’s a very good chance they won't be silent about their corrections at all. But they’ll still be totally ticked by the sentiment — plus anyone who approaches that teacher's desk a warning to not be fool enough to end a sentence with a preposition. 

Modern Sprout Glow & Grow

It’s a candle! It’s a plant! It’s a gift that keeps on giving through the seasons, and a lovely way to thank a teacher in your life for helping little ones grow. The Basil Cocktail scented candle is refreshing without being overpowering, and the container doubles as a planter. Includes organic Genovese Basil seeds, plant food, and instructions for growing a thriving basil plant.

The Best Things to Scream Into Book

It’s the end of the year, which means even the nicest, most even-tempered teacher has somewhere within them a deep, primal scream ready to bubble its way to the surface. That’s 3 quarters of a year's worth of frustrations, inconveniences, and occasional kid back-talk that make up the not-so-fun parts of teaching. Make them feel seen with a gag gift that shows you get it — and that you’re sorry about your kids’ sassy pants. 

Updated May 2022