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Turn Your Home Into a Science Lab With These YouTube Science Channels

Make stuff, learn stuff, blow stuff up! These YouTubers have plenty of inspiration for hands-on science experiments you can do at home.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

science youtube channels for kids


Got your lab coat ready? Safety goggles too? YouTube videos fired up? Your at-home science lab is coming right along. These YouTube channels will help you and your kiddo build your at-home lab and give you plenty of ideas to get creative with. From chemistry to physics to slightly messy experiments, these are the best science YouTube channels for kids.

Sick Science!

Steve Spangler brings his talents to the small screen with his Sick Science YouTube channel. The Emmy-award-winning scientist's channel is full of simple science experiments that you can easily conduct at home. The channel has the classics, like learning how to make slime, but also goes into the unknown and shows you how you can grow and shrink an egg. The videos lay out all the supplies you’ll need at the beginning and give detailed directions so you can nail each experiment on the first try.

LAB 360

Grab your lab coat and safety goggles, and get ready to spend the day in your science lab — or at home in your living room science lab. LAB 360 is full of easy science experiments that can be conducted at home with everyday household items. The detailed videos go at a slow pace so you can easily follow along, no matter your science skill level. The hardest part will be picking where to start. Popular uploads include the classic trick of turning a potato into a battery and learning how you can make bubbles bounce

Babble Dabble Do

You might be familiar with Babble Dabble Do’s YouTube channel for all of their great art tutorials, but did you know they also have a series of videos just for at-home science experiments? The videos cover all the groundwork when it comes to science experiments, with tutorials in physics, chemistry, and plain messy fun — that’s a subject, right? No matter which experiment you choose, you’re bound to learn a little while still having a blast.   

Kids Activities

Love science experiments but aren't sure where to begin? Head on over to the Kids Activities YouTube channel, where you won’t have a problem finding exciting experiments to try. The channel is filled with different ideas ranging from DIY lava lamps to the classic volcano experiment. The channel also features cooking and art video tutorials — just in case you are looking for something to do after you finish all of the science experiments!  

Ryan's World

Looking to learn science experiments from a kid just like you? Then check out Ryan’s World YouTube channel. You probably know Ryan from his toy reviews, but his science experiments are just as exciting. Ryan doesn’t shy away from getting his hands dirty and does a great job when it comes to explaining all of the directions for each experiment. As long as you have an open mind and willingness to get a little messy, you should be able to make whatever you want on the channel. 


If you’ve outgrown slime and making milk dance, might I suggest diving into the world of optical illusion science? Brusspup’s YouTube channel is full of just that. The channel explores the different ways optical illusions are created and the science behind it, so it’s perfect for that tween who wants to dive into a whole new world of material. Video topics range from anamorphic illusions to wire illusions, with easy to follow explanations and mind-blowing visuals. Before you know it, you’ll be in on all of the illusionist's secrets. 

Little Bins For Little Hands

Think doing at-home science experiments is too complicated for younger kids? You might want to rethink that after checking out the Little Bins For Little Hands YouTube channel. The channel explores all realms of at-home science experiments, including making a snowstorm in a jar and how to hatch your own dinosaur eggs. Don’t worry if you miss a step when watching the videos. All of the experiments link back to the Little Bins For Little Hands website, where you can find full explanations and detailed lists of instructions.

Crafts for Kids

The Crafts for Kids YouTube channel might sound more like a crafting channel than a science channel, but they have plenty of quick experiments for you to check out. Their videos focus on simple experiments like learning how to make a rainbow out of M&Ms and exploring how water can instantly freeze. The tutorials run at a quick pace, so you'll probably want to watch them through once or twice before turning to your home lab to give it a try.


Want to learn how to make a colorful tornado? What about waterproof sand? If you answered yes, then you're going to want to head over to IncredibleScience’s YouTube channel. The channel is a mix of science experiments that you can easily try out for yourself — as well as some that are better left to the experts! But even the experiments that aren't exactly easy to replicate at home offer scientific inspiration and insight — plus, they're just fun to watch.

Science Buddies

No matter what kind of science you are interested in, Science Buddies has a video ready for you to explore. Discover the ins and outs of physics, dive into the world of robotics, and even explore some safe chemistry explosions. You can even learn how to make a simple motor out of a battery. Don’t worry if you missed a step or just need more instructions. All of the experiments are listed in the comment section and link back to their website for a closer look.