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Birthdays, Assemblies, And Playdates OH MY! Virtual Celebrations Are All The Craze At CAMP

We’ve got it all, from singing to science, magic to movement, and crafting to cooking.

Nora Gustuson · about 2 months ago


It all started with a simple wish in March...even if CAMP stores were closed, birthdays should not get canceled. Now with over 800 virtual celebrations produced, we can attest, VIRTUAL Celebrations are AMAZING! We’ve got it all, from singing to science, magic to movement, and crafting to cooking, and we always finish with an EPIC dance party! From India to South Africa, from Maine to California, kids from all over the globe can now choose their favorite activity and have all their friends and family join! CAMP has had a blast helping celebrate birthdays, class graduations, school assemblies, playdates, and more!

Our highly interactive programming allows everyone invited to see each other and participate together in the same Zoom room! We have a dedicated production team that takes care of muting/unmuting and spotlighting guests, so all CAMPers have to do is sign on with their custom party link and have fun! CAMP has the ability to host up to 200 friends.

Explore all our celebration offerings at

Here are some of our favs:

1. Treasure Trunk Fun


Age Range: 3-8

Approx Time: 35-40 min

Price: $300

Use your imagination and follow along this virtual adventure designed just for your kiddos. CAMPers will warm up their bodies, voices, and imaginations with our enthusiastic and engaging teaching artist using movement activities, silly tongue twisters, and more!

2. Custom Culinary Adventure with Chef Aurora


Age Range: 3-11

Approx. Time: 35-40 min

Price: $250

Do you want to build a snowman (out of marshmallows), assemble an epic Death Star pizza, create your own princess tea party, ice some amazing planet cookies, or go on a dinosaur granola dig?! Let your imagination run wild, because this cookbook author and food stylist is creating edible adventures to fit your kid's favorite theme! Plan for a 15-20 minute culinary craft with dance breaks, dress-up, and some fun party games. It's edible adventure time; make your snack and eat it too!

3. Welcome to the Slime Lab!


Age Range: 5-12

Approx. Time: 40-45min

Price: $250

This slime party will have you and your besties creating some of our finest slimes in your own kitchen with friends. Our CAMP Counselor will lead you through a fun step-by-step activity filled with music and a little mess! (Sorry parents.) You bring the materials, we’ll bring the fun.

4. Campfire Sing-Along with Counselor Tim!


Age Range: 5-10

Approx. Time: 35-40min

Price: $150

Join Counselor Tim for a wild wilderness musical adventure in the comfort of your living room! CAMPers will be singing along to some classic CAMPfire tunes and reminiscing about summers gone by. S'mores not included!

5. Karate Dance Party + Songwriting Spectacular


Age Range: 6-11

Approx. Time: 35-40min

Price: $250

Come together to write songs then dance to them in this interactive dance party and songwriting session with the celebrated indie band, “The Que Pastas."

6. CAMP x Ally's Holiday Adventure with Santa!

CAMP / Ally

Age Range: The whole family

Approx. Time: 30 min.

Price: FREE

Join CAMP & Ally this holiday season as we embark on a 30-minute virtual adventure to find the one and only Santa Claus. Our CAMP Counselor Party Elf will guide Campers along a whimsical journey through the North Pole! Campers will get the chance to play a game with Santa, tell him what they want for the holidays and even take a photo together! This holiday celebration is perfect for the entire family. This is a FREE celebration offered M-F at 3pm or 4pm and subject to availability! For a minimum of 10 families.