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27 Books That Make Perfect Gifts For Anyone Who Loves Storytime

Here’s a selection of books for kids that parents will love to read, and read again.

Jack Shepherd · 4 months ago

Thanks for checking out our product recommendations! Just a heads-up, Camp may make some money if you shop from any of the external links on this page. Pricing and availability may have changed since this page was published.

kids books to give as gifts


Storytime can be one of the genuine joys of parenting — unless your kid falls in love with a book that you can’t stand, and you have to read it a thousand times as you curse the well-meaning friend or grandparent who brought it into your life. That’s why it’s absolutely essential — whether you’re getting a literary gift for your own kids, or for a parent in your life — that you choose something that can be happily read over and over again. 

These 27 books have that quality in a big way. Whether it’s because of their beautiful illustrations, their inspiring message, their fun and funny story, or their unique perspective, each of these books is sure to delight anyone in your life who loves a good storytime. 

1. We’re Different, We’re The Same

A beautiful hardcover edition of a classic Sesame Street book from the ‘90s with a timeless message about inclusion. Let Big Bird and friends teach your kid about the differences that make our world rich and interesting with humor, heart, and vibrant colors throughout.

2. All Are Welcome

In this school, everyone is welcome. Children from different backgrounds learn from each other and celebrate diverse traditions in this sweet, uplifting, and heartwarming New York Times bestseller.

3. Anti-Racist Baby

An inspiring book that will set the tiniest readers on the path towards acceptance, empathy, and justice, Anti-Racist Baby sends a strong message about equality in a kind and playful way with striking art and thoughtful words.

4. Hair Love

A sweet little story about a daddy who learns to style his daughter’s hair, and a daughter who learns to love her beautiful, natural hair in the process. This one’s a lovely celebration of that special daddy-daughter relationship.

5. Love Is Powerful

A young girl and her mother make a powerful message for the whole world to hear in this charming story about the power of community and collective action.

6. There Are No Bears In This Bakery

Witty, quirky, and fun for young and old readers alike, this “noir”-themed story of a detective cat and the case of the bears in the bakery stands up to repeat reading thanks to its delightful illustrations and clever writing.

7. Be Kind

A lovely, moving story that asks the question: What does it mean to be kind? With lively, engaging verse that is never too heavy-handed, this book will entertain and delight while emphasizing a strong and important message about how we ought to treat one another.

8. Julián Is A Mermaid

When Julián sees some women dressed as beautiful mermaids on their way to a parade, he daydreams about being just like them. Using materials from around the house, he dresses himself up and shows his mermaid costume to his abuela. This is a gorgeous story about self-expression and individuality. 

9. I Am Truly

Princess Truly can do anything — even fly to the moon! Kids will love to ROOOOOOAAR along with her as she brings her fierce, fun, and confident attitude to tasks like taming lions, climbing mountains, and finding buried treasure.

10. Always Anjali

When Anjali is bullied for her “different” name, she demands that her parents change it. But when they refuse, Anjali must learn to embrace who she is and learn the confidence to celebrate what makes her special. This is a delightful book about overcoming negativity and learning to love yourself.

11. Horace And Morris, But Mostly Dolores

A truly entertaining book about the power of friendship! Inseparable mouse buddies Horace, Morris, and Dolores discover a clubhouse that won’t allow girls. Will this be the end of their beautiful friendship, or will they choose each other instead? (Hint: It’s the latter.)

12. Little People, Big Dreams: Rosa Parks

With charming illustrations, historical photos, and interesting facts, this moving book makes the inspiring story of Rosa Parks come alive for kids.

13. Please And Thank You

A sweet little pull-and-play book about a crocodile, monkey, and kangaroo who learn about the good that can come from being polite.

14. Goodnight iPad

A cheeky modern parody of the classic “Goodnight Moon,” this book will delight the kiddos and have parents in stitches with its hilarious take on our modern, gadget-filled lives.

15. The Monster Who Lost His Mean

When a monster’s “M” goes missing, the other monsters shun him and he finds that every time he tries to be mean to kids, he ends up helping them out instead! A fantastically fun story written in excellent verse that is sure to make you fall in love with this “Onster” as he charms everyone he meets.

16. Dragons Love Tacos

How do you get a bunch of dragons to come to your dragon party? Tacos, of course! Everybody knows that dragons love tacos. You won’t mind the fact that you’ll have to read this fun, quirky book about two wonderful things (dragons and tacos!) over and over.

17. The Wonderful Things You Will Be

Gorgeous and often amusing illustrations, lovely verse about all the possibilities that await your little one in the world, and an uplifting message make this absolute charmer a perfect addition to your bookshelf.

18. Madeline

There’s a reason this whimsical book has been a classic since 1939. Bring Madeline’s humor and heart into your home, and you’ll never regret it. 

19. Julia, Child

A fictional story loosely based on the famous chef, “Julia, Child” is a celebration of the joys of cooking, eating, and sharing with friends that will delight anyone who loves to eat. 

20. How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?

The perfect bedtime book for your little dinosaur, with awesome illustrations and a fantastic sense of humor. There’s absolutely no better way to end the day than by ticking off the dos and don’ts of dinosaur bedtime.

21. Kid Scientists

Did you know that Stephen Hawking hated school? That Jane Goodall got into trouble for bringing snails into her house? These true stories about the discoveries and misadventures of famous scientists when they were kids will inspire and entertain any kid who loves to learn.

22. Drawn Together

With breathtakingly beautiful illustrations in different styles, this lovely book tells the story of a grandfather and grandson who overcome a language barrier through their shared love of drawing.

23. Do Not Lick This Book

An interactive book about the amazing adventures of Min the microbe, “Do Not Lick This Book” is a funny, quirky look at the microscopic world that exists all around us.

24. Secret Pizza Party

How does a raccoon who keeps getting shooed away from the pizza enjoy his favorite food? Secretly, of course! Laugh along with this zany story as Raccoon plans and executes the perfect pizza party heist.

25. The Shape Of My Heart

Ideal for younger children, this beautifully designed picture book encourages kids to see all the wonderful shapes that make up the world with charming rhymes and a sweet story.

26. The Day The Crayons Quit

Duncan just wants to color, but his crayons are over it! Blue wants to do anything other than coloring more oceans, and Orange and Yellow are no longer on speaking terms after a dispute about which color’s better for the sun. Quirky characters and a fun story make this book a big winner.

27. The Book With No Pictures

A brilliantly silly interactive book, “The Book With No Pictures” does more without any images than you would ever have thought possible. Kids will love playing along with this clever — and completely unique — pictureless picture book.