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We’re in a Book Club: Let’s Read “I Promise"

You're officially invited to join CAMP’s weekly book club — crafts and cool stories included. This week we’re reading "I Promise" by LeBron James, and making pennants and promises to decorate your room!

Margo Gothelf · 18 days ago

BookClub IPromise

Can’t make it to your friendly neighborhood CAMP store for our weekly We’re in a Book storytime? We’ve got you covered! We’re in a Book Club lets you follow along each week from home with a book guide, discussion questions, activities, and crafts inspired by each week’s book. And don’t worry about getting all the reading done in advance — it’s not that kind of book club.

So, What’s This Book About?

LeBron James wants everyone to be the best version of themselves. His debut children’s book, I Promise, shares a message with young kids showing them exactly how they can do just that. The uplifting and inspiring read follows a group of children during their everyday activities. As they learn, play, and explore, they also learn to be encouraging to others, uplifting, and most importantly, true to themselves. 

We love I Promise because the rhyming story is inspirational, encouraging, and relatable to children of all ages. LeBron James brings his greatness from the court onto the page, to show kids they can do their best just by being the best versions of themselves. 



Behind the Scenes With the Author

I know what you're thinking: LeBron James the basketball player is the author of this book? He sure is. The four-time NBA MVP is also a New York Times best-selling author. His encouraging children's book is the debut title from the NBA champion, and it ties directly into his passion project of the I PROMISE school in Akron, Ohio. 

Through the LeBron James Family Foundation, James was able to open the school for students in his hometown. The school opened with a limited class of third and fourth graders, who were previously identified as struggling public school students and were considered at risk for not finishing their education. James' dedication to the students paid off in a major way. The students quickly improved their test scores and their overall excitement about learning. The school has since expanded and now teaches students in grades 3-8.

To bring his inspiring mantra to life, LeBron partnered with illustrator Nina Mata. The New York Times bestselling illustrator wanted the artwork in the book to resonate with all students so they could see themselves on the page. The relatable illustrations earned Mata the 52nd NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literature.



Let’s Chat → Book Discussion Questions

Finished with the book and want to talk about it? Us too! These discussion questions will help you get the conversation going. 

  1. 1.

    I Promise wants everyone who reads this book to be the best version of themselves. What does being the best version of yourself mean to you?

  2. 2.

    This book is all about making promises. What does a promise mean to you?

  3. 3.

    Each page in the story shares a new promise with an inspiring message. Do you think these are promises YOU can keep? What kind of promises would you choose to add to the story?

  4. 4.

    LeBron James is one of the best basketball players of all time. Both on and off the court, he is seen as an inspirational figure. What kind of promises do you think he made to himself to get where he is today?

  5. 5.

    At the end of the book, LeBron James shares the mantra for his I Promise school and what they recite every day to remind them of their goals and achievements. What would your I Promise list look like?

  6. 6.

    Illustrator Nina Mata wanted each reader to see themselves on the pages of this book. Which illustration can you picture yourself in, and why is it your favorite?



Bring the Book to Life

The positivity and encouragement of I Promise isn’t just for the page. Channel the good vibes and bring them to life with some arts and crafts projects. 

Sports Pennants

DIY Wall Pennants

Amanda Kingloff | Project Kid

It's time to cheer — for yourself! Since I Promise is all about becoming the best version of yourself, what better way to celebrate you than with a decorative pennant for your room? Typically, decorative pennants are used to celebrate sports or school spirit. This pennant, however, is going to be all about you. Pick out your favorite color paint and decorate it with all of your favorite things, like food, sports, and animals. When it's dry, hang it on your wall to remind you of the I Promise mantra and to be the best version of yourself.

Make Your Own Promise Mantra


Love the mantra at the very end of I Promise? Make your own! Grab a big piece of cardstock or construction paper and write your own mantra. Use the same format in the book and make a list of promises you want to make. When you are done with the list, decorate the paper using markers, paint, or crayons. You can even make it shine with some glitter and gems. Once the decorating is complete, hang the mantra in your room to remind you of your promises.