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CAMP's Spooky Stories: Cracking Up!

Our weekly Halloween comic strip asks: What *really* happens to your mother's back if you dare to step on a crack?

Matt Harvey and Heeral Chhibber · 3 months ago

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Heeral Chhibber

Spooky season is here! You know what that means — it’s that time of year when it's fun to share stories that are a little bit scaaaaaary. CAMP is spinning some spooky yarns of our own with our weekly Halloween comic strip series!

Fire up the jack-o-lantern and turn down the lights, because it’s time for CAMP’s Spooky Stories: Cracking Up!

"Step on a crack, break your mother's back!" Chances are we've all heard this sinister bit of playground lore, and wondered who was creepy little kid who first came up with the idea...and if it could possibly be true! Yikes! (Poor mom!) This week's strip follows the perilous journey of one well-meaning hero as he attempts to save his mom from back-cracking doom — but is it too late? Read on to find out! Happy Halloween!








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Heeral Chhibber and Matt Harvey

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Heeral Chhibber

Mystery Meat

Heeral Chhibber and Matt Harvey