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Cats Vs. Dogs: A Video Throwdown

Dogs: man’s best friend? Cats: fluffy, adorable jerks? Decide for yourself!

Sarah Burns · about 1 month ago



Which do you like better: cats or dogs? Cats vs. dogs is an age-old dilemma that probably dates back all the way to when humans first domesticated animals — and how you answer has as much to do with what you want in a pet as it does with the animals themselves.

So are you more of a cat person or more of a pup-lover? There’s no wrong answer, but there are certain behaviors to consider. Before you declare yourself Team Cat or Team Dog, ask yourself the following questions — and watch these videos verrrrrrrry carefully...

1. Which will greet you when you get home?

Been gone a few hours? A cat might not even notice, especially during naptime.  But if you’re gone most of the day, some cats will say hello by yelling at you. Translated, they’re saying: “You woke me up! How am I supposed to ignore you if you insist on going places?” 

But dogs don’t know if you've been gone for five minutes, five hours, five days, or five years. They’re just overjoyed to have you back! You’re the center of your dog’s world, and they will miss you every time you leave. 

2. What do they do when you’re not around?

When their human leaves, many cats will meow and patrol the area with a favorite toy. Cats in single-cat homes are more likely to go on meow-patrol a little longer — they may act independent, but they’re social creatures, and they can get lonely. After a few minutes, most cats will typically just go about the rest of their day, napping, playing, and eating. 

Have a great day out there, dog owners! Try not to think about your best furry friend sitting there, staring at the door and anxiously awaiting your return. Maybe they’ll take a quick nap before they fart themselves awake and go back to staring at the door for a bit.

3. Which is more agile?

Cats can definitely knock stuff over when they feel like it, but they can also stroll through an obstacle course without a single misstep. That means that any time they knock something off a counter, you can be sure that it’s completely intentional. The dogs in these challenges are a mixed bag of tentative puppers doing their best to not make a mess, and clueless, clumsy doggos who barely realize they’ve just barreled through a bunch of stuff. 

4. Which would care more if I died?

Your pet knows there’s nothing really wrong with you, but they’re probably very confused about why you’re suddenly hanging out on the floor. Dogs will usually come over and sniff you a bit to make sure you’re OK, but most will just chill and sit nearby, because dogs love solidarity.

As it turns out, cats behave pretty similarly to dogs in this situation, but they’re more tentative, so it takes them longer to react. And if you leave your hair unguarded, they’ll probably try to groom you. 

5. Which is better about getting their nails trimmed?

Most cat households have a strategic system when it comes to trimming claws: Wait until the cat is distracted, trim as many as you can before they attack, then wait for them to trust you enough to get the rest. 

Pretty much all dogs turn into big dramatic babies when it’s time for a nail trim. Special shout out to Huskies and Pugs who will 100% make everyone within a five block radius believe they are fighting for their very lives. When they’re done being dramatic, they go about their merry way as if they weren’t just screaming like a horror movie victim.

6. Who’s a better cuddler?

Cats don’t always want affection, but when a cat does want cuddle time, they’ll let you know with head butts, gentle bites, and demanding hugs. If a cat really trusts you, they might even fall asleep in your lap for a while. And now you must stay in this position forever or until the cat deems lap time is over. That’s cat law.

Pets? Bellyrubs? Ear skritches? Yes, yes, and yes please! When it comes to dogs, you can keep the physical affection coming. They’re almost always down to cuddle up with their human! 

So which is better?

Cats and dogs approach the world pretty differently, but that’s why they make such a great team! With sweet pet pals like these, it’s impossible to choose which is better — so why not have the best of both fuzzy worlds?

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