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Celebrate Black Lives With CAMP!

CAMP celebrates the lives of Black icons and change-makers in politics, sports, music, art, and more.

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Join CAMP as we proudly celebrate prominent Black figures in American and world history — in February for Black History Month, and every day! From who they were to what they did and ways to celebrate their lives and accomplishments, your family will get to know the profound impacts of these amazing individuals.

Join us on this journey and see how Black history is world history — and how Black lives continue to change the world.

Learn About Black Leaders Who Had a Huge Impact on the World

These individuals saw a problem that needed to be solved and took up the task to find a solution. They led by example and dedicated their lives to helping others, putting everything on the line in pursuit of a more just society for all. Learn about the politicians, political activists, and leaders who fought not just to make their own voices heard, but the voices of all Black people.

Listen to Black Musicians Who Changed the Beat

Join us in celebrating ten game-changers in the world of music who coupled hard work with natural talent to overcome extraordinary challenges and bring their songs' beauty to the world stage.

Celebrate Black Athletes Who Changed the Game

From Joe Louis and Jackie Robinson to Serena Williams and Simone Biles, these Black sports icons changed the game and paved the way.

Discover How These Black Thinkers, Makers, and Creators Changed the World

Learn about the Black thinkers, makers, and creators whose innovations and inventions have changed countless lives for the better!

Learn More About Madam C.J. Walker With a Self-Portrait Craft and Activity Sheet

The pioneering Black inventor and businesswoman helped people feel beautiful and confident — kids can put their own best face forward with this craft inspired by Madam C.J. Walker's life and career!

Appreciate All the Ways That Black Artists Have Made the World More Beautiful

Artists are instrumental in shaping the way we view our world, and these 10 Black artists have all created something that will be influential for generations to come.

Read How These Black Authors Rewrote History

Words are powerful, and when in the right hands, they can move mountains. Read about 10 Black writers whose works have so changed the way we think about the world, you might start noticing their words everywhere!

Watch Black Performers Who Made the World Their Stage

These talented Black performers made the world their stage — and inspired generations of dancers, actors, singers, and producers!

Support Some of CAMP's Favorite Black-Owned Businesses

Healthy Roots Zoe Doll

Healthy Roots

Ready to support more Black-owned businesses? Check out some of our favorites, with toys, games, dolls, and gifts that innovate and educate.

Best Books About Black History to Read at Every Age

Man Reading to Kid


Black history is American history, and while February shines a spotlight on the subject, we’ve pulled together some titles you’ll be reaching for year-round.

Black History Month Crafts Your Kids Will Love in February and Beyond

cardboardtubepeople hero

Happy Toddler Playtime

Whether you have lots of time for a complicated craft or want to keep it simple with a construction paper project, these crafts will help teach that Black history is American history.

10 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know Were Made by Black Creators

3D glasses


Can you imagine a world without basic snacks like potato chips? Where would we be without central heating? Thanks to these Black creators who paved the way, we don't have to imagine. From fruit presses to traffic lights, keep scrolling for the best inventions made by Black inventors

Make a DIY Crown Inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat

Basquiat shook up the art world with his bold style — and the crown symbol was one of his signature flourishes. Kids can paint themselves proud with this DIY crown craft inspired by Basquiat's life and career!

Send an Inspiring Message Like Maya Angelou With These Printable Postcards

Beloved poet, activist, and performer Maya Angelou showed the power of raising your voice. Kids can share their voice with the world with these printable postcards inspired by Angelou's life and work!

Make a "One Love" Craft Inspired by Bob Marley!


Bob Marley's music envisioned a world united by love, even in times of trouble. Here's how kids can make a simple craft that honors his vision!

Updated January 2022