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Things for Families to Do to Celebrate Pride (Other Than Going to a Parade)

There’s no “right” way to celebrate, so you do you!

Sarah Burns

Pride looks all glitter and rainbows on the surface, but for many in the community, Pride is a complicated mix of conflicting emotions. It’s easy to get caught up in the expectation of what celebrating Pride should look like, and there’s a lot of pressure to celebrate the “right” way — out and proud, strutting flamboyantly down the street, a rainbow path rolled out in front of you. 

No matter how you choose to celebrate, It’s important to remember that being able to come out is a privilege not accessible to everyone. Not all LGBTQIA+ people are flamboyant, or strut, or even like rainbows. Not everyone feels like partying it up, and that’s OK, too. Self care is itself a celebration.

Learn the History With This Kid-Friendly Animation

Pride Rally


Pride is celebrated in June because it marks the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which began after a police raid on the popular gay bar. The riots gave way to days of demonstrations rallying for equal rights, launching the modern LGBTQIA+ movement. 

Explaining how Pride began in a way that’s appropriate for kids seems like a tall order, but Pop’n’Olly is here to help with a quick, animated rundown of events. It’s a great intro for kids, and a nice reminder for adults that explains what happened at Stonewall, how we’re still fighting for many of the same rights, and why it’s important to celebrate Pride!

Attend a Drag Queen Story Hour

Drag Queen Story Hour


Few storytellers can spin a tale like a Drag Queen can! Drag Queen story hours promote reading of course, but they also provide a positive example of the fluidity of gender, which encourages kids to present as they feel comfortable. This plays a huge role in teaching kids how to accept themselves and how to be accepting of others. Local libraries and bookstores usually host this type of event, so make sure to check out their offerings!

If you have to miss the story hour, or if there’s nothing offered close to home, you can attend a Virtual Drag Queen Story Hour online! Of course, you can always enjoy a good book with the fam at home, so make sure to check out this list of Pride month reads for kids.

Have a Dance Party

Family Dance Party


Turn your space into the most exclusive inclusive dance club around! But before you get down, make sure you follow these helpful hints:

Designate where the dance floor will be. Clear your dance floor of furniture, or anything that could slip or be tripped over.

Move any food or drinks a safe distance from the dance floor.

Wear the appropriate footwear to prevent stepped-on tootsies.

Dancing is a workout, so remember to hydrate!

Try some mood lighting: Fairy lights, colored LEDs, or battery-operated tea lights can change the mood of a space. Just make sure there’s enough light to not crash into anyone or anything.

Ready to groove? Try this YouTube Trans & Nonbinary Kids Mix, or log into Apple Music and rock out to this playlist of classic Gay anthems. If Spotify is more your jam, this charming playlist honoring female-focused love in all its forms is a lovely, uplifting listen.

Discover Great Shows by LGBTQIA+ People

Content by LGBTQIA+ Artists

Netflix; Disney +, Cartoon Network/Warner Brothers; Amazon Studios

Pop some popcorn and tuck in with a TV marathon the whole family can enjoy! Craving action, magic, space heroes, and positive LGBTQIA+ representation? Then you don’t want to miss Steven Universe, available on Hulu. Or head to Disney + to see the award-winning animated short Out by Disney and Pixar. It’s a delightful, silly Freaky-Fridayish romp of a film that will have the whole family LOL-ing. Netflix touts the newest incarnation of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, featuring princesses who really kick butt, and a complex, multi-season love-story arc between the heroine and the villainess. And of course there’s the hilarious, adventure-seeking Danger & Eggs, a show with a constantly rotating cast of characters (and familiar voices) from all walks of life.

Become a Queer Kid Stuff Community Member

Queer Kid Stuff

Queer Kid Stuff

Most followers find them through their the super popular Queer Kid Stuff YouTube channel, but  this is more than just a video series; Queer Kid Stuff is an online community for kids and families. Their content is an invaluable resource for teachers and parents to help introduce words and topics to young children and empower those children with the language they need to feel understood and understand the world around them.

Here’s Queer Kid Stuff creator Lindsay Amer in their own words about the importance of teaching kids acceptance, and how to be proud of who they are. Be sure to stay up to date with their latest offerings, and follow Queer Kid Stuff on Instagram!

Have an Arts and Crafts Party

Art Party


From the photocopied ’zines handed out during early Pride demonstrations to the first colorful flags that signified safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ people, the community is inseparable from craftiness in many ways simply because things we wanted or needed to thrive just didn’t exist.  Times have changed, and DIYing has become less of a dire need for the community on the whole, but the crafting bug still remains! Not sure what to make? Grab some friends, some crafting supplies, and check out this list of crafts for Pride Month