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Anatomy of the Perfect Christmas Stocking, According to the Zodiac

Harness the power of the stars to stuff those stockings!

Sarah Burns

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Heeral Chhibber

Stocking stuffers are like the warm-up act for the main event at Christmas. Silly novelties, socks, ugly sweater stationery, candy...No one expects a whole lot from a stocking stuffer, and that's perfectly fine! But if you're looking for a stocking stuffer that'll really knock their socks off, use our handy-dandy guide to the perfect little presents for every star sign.


Insta StockingStuffer ZodiacSigns01ARIES

OMG Pop Fidgety Rocket

Fiery Aries kids really shoot for the moon! When they’re bouncing off the walls like they’re in zero gravity, calm the chaos with a fidget toy that’s a total blast.

Tegu Original Pocket Pouch

Aries thinks outside the box, so give them a construction set that breaks the brick mold. Colorful, unique shapes and satisfying clicking magnets encourage experimentation and problem solving – not to mention unconventional creatures, vehicles, and structures you've never seen built before.

Streamline Desktop Edition Games: Basketball

Competitive and sporty Aries kids are always down for a good contest. Practice your A-game on a study break without even having to pump up your Jordans. 


Insta StockingStuffer ZodiacSigns02TAURUS

Etch-A-Sketch Classic

Perfectionist artists can go through a LOT of paper. Shake things up, save the trees, and scratch that drawing itch with a twisty, turny classic creative Taurean artists will spend hours perfecting. 

Facetory Everyday Olive Squalane Skin Balancing Mask

Taureans are chill, but they also appreciate little luxuries. Help them indulge with a naturally calming face mask, free of nasties like harsh chemicals or drying fragrances. Give the gift of a healthy glow with this soothing mask that’s a true Taurus-treat.

Kinetic Sand Buried Treasure Playset

Appeal to earth-sign Taurus with a treasure-filled, tactile toy. Use the key to pop open the trunk, and take up the task of digging for coins. Uncover a unique mystery tool to help you build and mold this fascinating sand, or re-bury the treasure to discover the loot all over again.


Insta StockingStuffer ZodiacSigns03GEMINI

Educational Insights Geosafari Jr. Walkie Talkie

Social creatures by nature, Gemini’s communication skills get to the next level with this toy. They’ll be able to connect with their buds over 300 feet away, and express themselves with a range of sound effects – and since they’re Geminis, probably more than a few jokes. Roger that! 

Ooly Presto Chango Erasable Crayons

Colorful and clever, these are crayons that’ll help Geminis leave their own unique mark. Each crayon contains two colors that switch back and forth seamlessly, and the eraser is perfect for changing colors they loved a moment ago, but have since changed their mind about.

Educational Insights Playfoam Pals

One for you, and one for me – or better yet, both for the Geminis! The best things always come in pairs, so each pack contains a duo of color combos, perfect for mixing, crunching, and playing with over and over again, because the playfoam never dries out. Pick a PlayFoam Pal, and see what you get, with 12 different adorable pets to collect!


Insta StockingStuffer ZodiacSigns04CANCER

Suck UK Plant Pot Bookends

Cancers are known for being compassionate, nurturing, and always curious — which makes this the perfect stocking stuffer for them! Bookends are the ultimate keepers-of-knowledge/holders-of-life Cancerians need to get their ever-growing book collection under control, while also providing room for their ever-growing collection of plants!

Crazy Aaron’s Wizard’s Wand Glow-in-the-Dark Putty

Cancers don’t have the best poker faces, but they’re steadfast and trustworthy. This little tin contains a secret of its own: the brilliant violet with flecks of glinting gold by day turns a mesmerizing, glowing blue by night! Thinking putty is perfect for chronic overthinkers like Cancers because squishing, stretching, and rolling around this compound can help reduce stress and anxiety, and get the creative wheels turning again. 

Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth Headphones

When a Cancer needs time to recharge, they just want to curl up inside their shells. Help them tune out with some tunes; this pair of quality wireless headphones features a comfortable and stylish ergonomic design, and boasts over 30 hours of play time. 


Insta StockingStuffer ZodiacSigns05LEO

Suck UK Paper Watch

It’s a little ironic that a zodiac sign that can’t stand having their time wasted is always notoriously late. Give the Leo in your life a gift that will showcase their artistic talent with a piece they can wear, and show off with so much pride, they’ll maybe even notice the time! Probably not though.

Funky Rico Selfie Ring Light

No one commands the spotlight quite like Leo! This sun sign radiates confidence and charisma with ease – all they need is the right lighting to show off that sparkle. 

Sunnylife Shower Bluetooth Speaker

You can absolutely bet that dramatic, creative Leos sing their hearts out in the shower. Here’s a waterproof speaker for all their backup tracks that’s as delightfully colorful as they are.


Insta StockingStuffer ZodiacSigns06VIRGO

Spot It!

Virgos have a definite edge in this fast-paced game of eye-spy, because their natural powers of perception propel them to total Spot-It dominance. They'll kindly invite you to play before swiftly – and absolutely – crushing you, but in like, a gracious way. 

Band.Do Glitter Bomb Pen Set

Creative and practical is what Virgo does best, and they like to be prepared. A flashy pen set is the best of both worlds because it’s something they’ll use all the time, but probably wouldn't buy for themselves — because a pack of 60 Bic pens only costs about five bucks, and Virgos love a good deal.

Knockpad To-Do

Few things in life are as satisfying to Virgos as making a big check mark on the ol’ to-do list. This one by Knockpad will keep their goals and ambitions well organized and prioritized with ease.


Insta StockingStuffer ZodiacSigns07LIBRA

Time-For-You Sand Timer

Libras are known for their friendly, outgoing personalities. Social energy doesn’t just bubble up out of nowhere though, so they need lots of time to themselves to recharge. Help these scales maintain their balance with a timer designed to gently encourage regular moments of self-care.

Singing Machine Carpool Karaoke Mic

All the world’s a stage, and few Libras can resist the glow of the spotlight. Put the power to perform in their hands with a singing system that’s as easy as synching to a favorite mobile device, and they can harmonize to their heart's desire.

Twee Chalk Cheesy Pizza Sidewalk Chalk Set

Creative and compassionate Libras will adore these aesthetically delicious art supplies, and won’t hesitate to share a slice with others. But making them choose between pepperoni, cheese, and veggie? That'll take a while.


Insta StockingStuffer ZodiacSigns08SCORPIO

Mykronoz Zebuds Premium

Always fashionable, but never trend chasing, Scorpio needs accessories that can keep up. Cue the Mykronoz ZeBuds Premium; superior sound quality for all of Scorpio’s deep, soulful playlists, voice command capabilities because they’re always cutting edge, and a pop of silver that fits their effortless style.

Luckies of London Scratch Map

If there’s a trail around to be blazed, Scorpio will find it. Born adventurers, they thrive on exploration and new experiences. Don’t be surprised when ambitious and goal oriented Scorpio has scratched off the entire map!

From Here to There Maze Book

Without a doubt, ever-determined Scorpio is going to methodically finish every last maze in this book. Often accused of being too serious, Scorpios spend a lot of time thinking everything through as thoroughly as they can. They’re no nonsense, love a good challenge, and they don’t miss a single thing – including the maze hidden from cover-to-cover inside!


Insta StockingStuffer ZodiacSigns09SAGGITARIUS

Treasure X Dino Mini

Buried treasure adventure? Sounds like a task for Sagittarius! They’ll discover golden artifacts, and collect one of 12 different blinged-out mini dinos, because archers appreciate a little bling. It’s an excellent excavation adventurous Sagittarius kids are sure to dig.

Kaleidadope Swatches of Chakra

Of all the words that describe Sagittarian traits, intuitive, creative, and colorful are the first ones in line – and this gift is all three. It’s a gorgeous deck of twenty-five cards in brilliantly vibrant hues representing the energy vibrations of different chakras. If you’re going, “Huh?” trust me: your Sagittarius friend will know exactly what the box is talking about, and if nothing else, they'll be inspired by the beautiful array of colors.

Do Something Dice

Things to do, people to see – how does a busy Sagittarius figure out what’s next? Savvy Sags go with the flow, and let fate decide. With a roll of the dice they can let luck decide what to eat, where to go, and what to do. Unless it’s something they don’t feel like doing – in which case Sagittarius will just keep rolling till they get an outcome they want, because they’re a little superstitious like that. 


Insta StockingStuffer ZodiacSigns10CAPRICORN

State Bags Bennet Mesh Fanny Pack

Fanny packs had their heyday in the ’90s, when everything was made of windbreaker material. State Bags gave these travel companions a stylish update that keeps the functionality, but without the retro look. Never ones to be caught unprepared, Capricorn will appreciate the practicality of this gift, and the convenience of having all their essentials easily accessible.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

Capricorn kids are curious, clever, and have an innate ability to figure things out – which might be why they’re so prone to seeking out and playing with their parent’s devices. Ideal for kids 4-12, the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch is equipped with a clock function (of course), a built in camera, lots of educational games, and no direct internet connection, so kids can play and explore their new tech without the risks of being alone online.

Plus Plus Tube Basic Mix

Sticking to goals and objectives might difficult for some, but not for Capricorn kids. They thrive on planning and structure, and will often create and complete their own challenges, just for fun. Constructive Capricorn will first attempt to build all the designs pictured on the packaging, before creating a piece that somehow manages to use up every single block in the tube, just because they can. 


Insta StockingStuffer ZodiacSigns11AQUARIUS

Gift Republic Adopt-A-Dolphin

Dolphin-safe tins are typically found at the grocery store, but here’s one especially for eco-conscious, compassionate Aquarius. It contains everything they need to know about their 12 month adoption, fun dolphin facts, and details about how their contribution will go to help their neighbors of the sea.

Crazy Aaron’s Mystifying Mermaid Hypercolor Thinking Putty

Water-bearers seem to have two distinct modes: bursting with enthusiasm, and quiet contemplation. Quieter moments are ideal for a sensory toy in characteristically Aquarian colors. Crazy Aaron’s Mystifying Mermaid Putty has a mesmerizing, sparkling shimmer, and when warmed, the soothing aqua-blue turns into seafoam green like magic.

3Doodler Create+ Essentials Pen Set

Aquarians have a 360 world view. They’re great at seeing the bigger picture, and jump into every project with optimism and enthusiasm. A 3Doodler is the perfect gadget to help unconventional Aquarius artisans bring their ideas to glorious, three-dimensional life.


Insta StockingStuffer ZodiacSigns12PISCES

Sunnylife Underwater Camera - Kasbah

One of the most artistic signs of the zodiac, Pisces are constantly looking for new ways to creatively express themselves. With a Sunnylife Underwater Camera, they can capture favorite memories wherever they happen. Perfect for scrapbooking, one-of-a-kind personalized gifts, and an infinite number of other uniquely Pisces photo projects. Happy Place Eye Mask

Pisces are very sociable, but they need a lot of time to recharge. Enigmatic and fond of naps, they’re often unfairly labeled as lazy, when in reality, they’re emotion sponges that easily pick up on the moods of others – and that can be super draining! Help them back to their happy place with a sleepy accessory that suits Pisces' dreamy side. 

This Annoying Life

It’s not easy being empathetic, and caring deeply about pretty much everything – in fact, it can get downright annoying. When the Pisces in your life has replaced words with heavy sighs of resignation, validating their feelings is the best way to go. This Annoying Life hits the nail on the head with depictions of life’s little challenges. They’re silly, all-too relatable, and will help work through all that everything-is-irritating energy.