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Take a Look Inside Cosmic Camp, No Space Suit Required

Your shuttle to the farthest reaches of the cosmos awaits...

Matt Harvey · 5 days ago

CosmicCAMP Hero

There's a big surprise behind the magic door at our 5th Avenue location. And by big, we mean planetary big. Black hole big. Milky Way big. It's so big, we needed to build a space shuttle for it — and that's just the start of Cosmic Camp, where you come as a family, and leave as a crew!

Take a look inside the Cosmic Camp experience and see for yourself — no astronaut helmet or space suit required. (Although if you wanna wear one, we're not gonna judge.)

Grab your Cosmic Camp Communicator and blast off into the expanse of the cosmos!

CosmicCAMP Cosmic Communicators

These high tech gizmos will help you track your score as you play through your experience.

Toss space rocks into black holes!

CosmicCAMP Ball Toss

Asteroid belts have never been this much fun!

Activate your curiosity — and your opposable thumbs!

CosmicCAMP Rovers

Play with radio controlled rovers to explore the rocky surface of an alien planet!

The Lava Planet awaits your toes!

CosmicCAMP Floor is Lava Family

You’ve been practicing for a long time and now's your chance to traverse a floor that’s actually made of lava!

Command your own space station — if you dare.

CosmicCAMP SpaceShuttleBoy

Navigate the infinity of the cosmos on your own terms! Hard left at the neutron star!

You are the heroes that the galaxy needs!

CosmicCAMP SpaceShuttleKids

Return to your home planet with your newly minted crew!

CosmicCAMP Return to earth

Check the leaderboard to find out how much your crew dominated the other planetary explorers!

CosmicCAMP Leaderboard

All of this — and many more out-of-this-world surprises — await you and your family at Cosmic CAMP!