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12 Crafts For Kids Who Love Minecraft

It’s time to turn on create mode and get crafting!

Margo Gothelf · 8 months ago


These days, it’s hip to be a “square” — when you’re talking about Minecraft, that is! It’s time to use your workbench IRL to make a mob of plushie-pillow-pillagers, or construct a trusty sword to defend against Spiders and Creepers. A whole list of Minecraft crafts? Now that’s Ender-tainment!

Fluffy Minecraft Slime


I Heart Crafty Things

Slime doesn’t exactly fit into the perfectly pixelated Minecraft world, but I think we can make an exception for this fluffy Minecraft slime recipe. This slime — or should I say, ssssslime — is bright green, just like a Creeper, and extra gooey thanks to the addition of shaving cream. When you’re done playing with the slime and ready to head back into your Minecraft world, store the Creeper slime in a Minecraft-inspired mason jar. If only all Creepers were so easily contained!

DIY Minecraft Sword

Minecraft Sword

All For The Boys

Take a break from your screen and have a real-world adventure the Minecraft way: with a sword you built yourself. With this sword, you won’t have to spend time with your pickaxe gathering materials. All you’ll need is the printout and some cardboard — it’s actually that easy! Check out All For The Boys for all of the details. 

Toilet Roll Creeper


Kids' Activities

Normally seeing a Creeper of this size would be a sign to start panicking immediately. However, this one is made out of cardboard and can't cause any damage to your Minecraft world. To make this Creeper, you'll need a few cardboard rolls and some green paint. This might be the only time you are happy to see a Creeper up close! Head on over to Kid’s Activities Blog to grab all the details for this Minecraft Creeper

Minecraft Plushies

minecraft plushies

Kojo Designs

Turn your favorite Minecraft characters into cute and fluffy plushies. Don’t worry, these little plushies will be much softer than the blocks in your world, as they are made with felt and can be stuffed just like a pillow. They are quick to make so you can easily create a mob full of plushies to keep you company as you head back into your latest build. 

Minecraft Perler Bead Moneybox


Red Ted Art

Want to be rich in Minecoins? You can skip PointsPrizes, Microsoft Rewards, or whatever hacks you’ve been combing through YouTube videos for, because this moneybox is all you need to save up your coins. To make the box, you'll need a bunch of Perler beads in Minecraft-themed colors. If you haven’t used Perler beads before, you are in for a treat. Perler beads aren’t like typical beads and instead get fused together from a heat source like a blowdryer. The technique allows you to make intricate designs, just like you would make in your own Minecraft world. See how you can make a moneybox of your very own over on Red Ted Art.

Minecraft Selfie


Art Projects for Kids

Why should Steve have all the fun? Think outside the blocks and turn yourself into a Minecraft character with this creative tutorial from Art Projects For Kids. Follow along with the step-by-step tutorial using premade grid paper. To get the perfect Minecraft look, you’ll need to use some simple counting skills to make sure everything stays symmetrical. Once you’ve got the outline set up, turn on create mode and use your craft supplies to make your character come to life. 

Easy Creeper Craft


Fireflies and Mud Pies

Take out your pickaxe and see if you can mine enough materials to make this easy Creeper craft. (Luckily, all you will need is construction paper, so you won’t have to work too hard.) To get started, head on over to Fireflies and Mudpies, where you’ll find the symmetrical grid template. The template will guide you through where to put the squares needed to make the Creeper. When you are done making a mob full of Creepers, you can repurpose the grid to create more of your favorite Minecraft characters and bring them to life outside of the game.

Creeper Corner Bookmark


Red Ted Art

With this origami corner bookmark, you'll have an eye on your Creeper at all times. Head over to Red Ted Art and follow along fold-by-fold to see how you can turn a simple piece of green paper into a sneaky monster. If you are feeling super creative and want to make a whole mob of Minecraft characters, use the same technique on a solid sheet of paper. Once you’ve got the main structure down, decorate the bookmarks to look like some of your favorite characters including the pig, Blaze, or Wither. 

Minecraft Creeper Wall Art


Crafts by Courtney

If you’re looking to show off your love of Minecraft and decorate your room at the same time, then you’re going to want to make this Creeper wall art. The wall art project uses styrofoam blocks and paints to recreate a Creeper in a minimalistic style. Crafts By Courtney even shows you how you can place the blocks right in a frame so the Creeper can quickly be hung on your wall. Keep this away from cats or ocelots, or you’ll scare your Creeper away!

How To Draw A Creeper

This quick tutorial from Art For Kids Hub will guide you step by step through drawing a complex Creeper. Grab your supplies and hit play on the video over on their YouTube page. Once you’ve mastered the Creeper, check out the entire Minecraft drawings playlist to create your own mob of characters.

No-Sew DIY Minecraft Pillows

minecraft no sew pillows

Surviving a Teacher's Salary

Make your Minecraft blocks into pillows with this no-sew pillow tutorial. The pillows are made using a combination of fabric, felt, and some fabric glue. If you’re into sewing or looking to make this project a bit more detailed, then you can easily replace the fabric glue with a needle and thread to keep everything together — the choice is yours! Either way, these pillows will make a great decoration for any Minecraft fan.

Toilet Paper Roll Minecraft Desk Organizer


A Mother Thing

One big similarity between Minecraft and reality: A little TNT always comes in handy. It's also pretty helpful in the form of this paper roll desk organizer. Save up some toilet paper rolls and head over to It’s A Mother Thing for a full rundown on how to make this desk organizer. Hopefully, your little Minecraft fan will be able to keep the desk organizer together and it won’t explode all over just like a TNT block.