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10 Quick Dancey-Dance Movement Breaks for When You Just Can't Sit Still

Turn that screen break into a dance party — or a legit dance class — with 10 dance-inspired movement break videos that will get you moving.

Erica Silverstein

dance break


When virtual school has the whole family feeling like they've been stapled to their desk chairs, make time for a break time that lets you get up and shake it off. Dance lovers, ditch the laptop to go bust a move or two! A quick salsa can shake off that brain fog, while a balletic releve can relieve the soreness from a morning of sitting. Turn your screen break into a dance party — or legit dance class — with 10 dance-inspired videos that will get you moving.

1. Kidz Bop Dance Along Videos

For a nonstop dance party to pop favorites, queue up the Kidz Bop gang. You can copy their moves or work your own style to family-friendly covers of songs like “Fight Song” and “Best Day of My Life.” This compilation video features a half hour of back-to-back dance numbers, so pick your favorite and have at it.

2. The Ballet Coach: Live Ballet Class at Home

You don’t need toe shoes or a barre to learn ballet moves with Sarah Du-Feu, who trained and danced with the English National Ballet. Just lose the socks and grab a sturdy chair for support. She labels each class by age, with options for toddlers through teens and adults to plie, jete and pirouette to her cheery British instructions.

3. Fortnite Dance Tutorials: Learn How to Dance

From the Rollie to the Electro Shuffle, every kid across America is trying to master the most popular Fortnite dances. Make fancy footwork practice part of your daily education with these Fortnite dance tutorials from Bao Tran of the Learn How to Dance YouTube channel. Up your game at home, so you can really wow the crowd whenever in-person school dances return.

4. Beginner Jazz Dance With Miss Auti

You could moan about math for 15 minutes, draped over your couch, or you could pep up with jazz dance lessons from experienced teacher and choreographer Auti Kamal (a.k.a. Miss Auti). Her video tutorials include basic moves and simple routines you can master throughout the semester. Not only will young dancers enjoy the personality she injects into each video, but her videographer likes to insert side comments and funny photos to give you a chuckle when the footing gets tricky.

5. Dance With Miss Priya

Miss Priya makes learning Bollywood and Bhangra dance steps easy and fun with her online tutorials and follow-along dances for kids. Look for her themed dances around holidays, such as Valentine’s Day and Christmas. You’ll be using your movement break to work up a sweat and get a cultural education.

6. GoNoodle Zumba Dance Party

Want 12 minutes of nonstop movement? You’ll get it with GoNoodle’s Zumba Dance Party. Your family will be stomping, clapping, even doing the “sprinkler.” If this zumba routine doesn’t leave you breathless and begging to sit down and read a book by the end, nothing will.

7. Five(ish) Minute Dance Lesson: African Dance

For something completely and awesomely different: traditional African dance lessons by Rujeko Dumbutshena, brought to you by the Kennedy Center. In a series of three videos, she teaches some basic African dance steps to the accompaniment of drum rhythms by Farai Malianga. Any kid should be able to follow along — though her “dancing on the clock” routine may confound young digital natives who can’t read an analog clock.

8. Easy Hip Hop Dance Routines With Mihran

Want to work with a hip hop choreographer who’s toured with Britney and Madonna, choreographed “The Voice” and Nickelodeon shows, and creates music videos? All you need is a quick brain break and the Mihran TV YouTube channel. Mihran breaks it all the way down with short and easy hip hop dance routines for kids, as well as step tutorials for the trickiest moves. He makes the sharp movements look easy, but most of us will look like the young kids behind him who are clearly trying their best just to keep up.

9. PinkFong’s Five Little Monkeys and More

If dancing to “Baby Shark” is more your kid’s speed than learning hip hop or jazz, then you need a dance party PinkFong-style. This compilation video is a roundup of every kindergartner’s greatest hits with such dance classics as “Blink, Blink, Traffic Light” and “Choo Choo Train.” When hours of online kindergarten get tough, a few dances are sure to get the giggles going again.

10. Les Mills Born to Move

Part aerobic workout, part dance routine, the Les Mills Born to Move videos are 100% high-energy hijinks. From “The Robot Dance” to “Taco Nacho,” these quick numbers will get stiff and sore bodies warmed up in no time. Note the age ranges listed on each video; the teen options are faster-paced with more complicated moves than the silly wiggle sessions for younger kids.