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11 Party Themes That Are Absolutely Perfect for a December Birthday!

December birthday parties should be EXTRA special, because they’ve been waiting all year!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns



It’s finally time to celebrate December kids! Kick off the end of the year with a celebration to remember. Still wondering about a theme? We’ve got tons of suggestions to make your kid's December birthday a blast. From a Disney Day to a time machine party, there’s a themed party idea in here for everyone who was born in the last (but absolutely very best) month of the year. 

Ugly Sweater Birthday Party



'Tis the season to show off all the ugly holiday sweaters. On your kid's b-day invite, tell all the guests to come in their best ugliest sweater. Set up a fashion design station where the bday kid and their guests can sketch an even uglier sweater for them to wear to their next holiday bash. Then it’s time for a fashion show, where each guest can walk the birthday runway and show off their sweaters. As they munch on birthday cake, they can take a vote on who was the best (worst) dressed of the party.

National Cookie Day Party



It’s National Cookie Day this month, so let’s celebrate the two most important things in the world at the same time – your bday kid (of course) AND cookies! When their guests arrive, point them in the direction of the crafts station where they can make a cookie pillow so they can always have a sweet night. Then it’s time for a cookie contest! Give everyone plain cookie dough and let them add toppings. Bake them up and let the professional judges (er, your parents) pick out the most clever combination. Close out the festivities by having the birthday kid blow out the candles on their cookie cake

Walt Disney Day Party



Turn your house into a Disney theme park in honor of Disney Day on December 6. Have the birthday kid send their friends tickets to gain entry into the “park,” where you can set up a photo booth with background options like Cinderella's Castle, Epcot, or the Tree of Life from Animal Kingdom and a table full of crafts to bring your kid's favorite Disney characters to life. With Disney tunes playing in the background, you can skip the cake and opt for a mini version of the kitchen sink dessert. Then hit play on this firework show as the kids enjoy their ice cream!

Beach Party



Fast forward to summer and pretend the temperatures are still in the high ’80s with an indoor beach party. Have the birthday kid tell their guests to come in their best beach attire and set the heat up high! Set out lounge chairs and tropical drinks with umbrellas, and hit play on all of the best tunes from the summer. Fill a table full of kinetic sand for a sandcastle building contest, or visit the fishing station to see who can catch the biggest creature in the sea. This kids can sit back and relax with a sandcastle cupcake, and close their eyes as they relax by the sea, er, YouTube video playing ocean sounds.

Skiing and Snowboarding Party



It's their birthday, so it's time to hit the slopes! Buckle them in and get them ready to race down those double black diamonds. Decorate the room to look like the inside of a cozy winter mountain lodge. Hand out lift tickets and grab a seat on the chair lift to the mountain photobooth. Snap a few pics while kids check out the amazing views. As they head down the mountain, kids can make a pit stop at the snowflake crafting table or take a detour to the terrain park and see how high they can make their snowboarder go. At the end of the run, warm up the revelers with the ultimate cup of hot chocolate from the hot chocolate bar.

Hockey Party



It's knuckle puck time! Have guests come in their favorite hockey jersey or wear the colors from their favorite team. If the weather is warm enough, have the kids head outside and split into teams for a friendly game of roller hockey. If it's too cold, transform your basement into a knee hockey arena or play these indoor hockey games to get the competitive spirit going. They can take a break from the game and switch gears to personalize your their puck – they'll need metallic permanent markers to create their own logo and team. Score even more ideas for a day on the ice over at Kara's Party Ideas

Time Travelers Day Party



With a time traveling party in honor of Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day (December 8), anything is possible. Set up stations for each decade in your house and let kids jump from activity to activity to make it feel like they’re traveling through time. Have them make a hippie headband, play retro video games, or have a movie marathon full of classic films from each decade. Ditch the traditional cake and go for an old-school treat like Jell-O molds, a baked Alaska cake, or a pineapple upside-down cake

Confetti Party



Add a pop of color to your kid's birthday party with a confetti party! Stuff the invitations with confetti, throw confetti down on the table, fill up clear balloons with loads of different colors, and fill jars with extra colorful pieces for a splash of color around the room. Don't stop at just the decoration either — you can turn the food into confetti too! Dip marshmallows in sprinkles, dunk Oreos in chocolate and nonpareils, or take cake pops and fill them with sprinkles inside and out. Set up a confetti station where the kids can make their own sensory confetti bottles full of glitter to keep the celebration going whenever they want. Find more colorful inspiration for your confetti bash over at Kara’s Party Ideas.

International Ninja Day Party



Kids can put their ninja skills to the test with a ninja-themed birthday bash for International Ninja Day (December 5). Have them dress up as their favorite ninja warriors and set the scene for your birthday kid and their friends to go through ninja training school. Put their sneaking and sleuthing skills to the test as they master their way through the obstacle course. If they've made it through the course, it's time to move on to the next test and head to the balloon-sparring dojo room to try out their fighting skills. When they're tired, they can take a break and refuel with candy sushi and throwing star cupcakes. Get even more ideas at Kara's Party Ideas

Masquerade Ball Party



There's no question your kid's masquerade ball birthday party will be anything but a night to remember. Have guests show up in their fanciest attire, but to hold off on the masks just for now. When they arrive, guide them over to the mask-making station where the kids can craft the perfect disguise to go with their black-tie outfit. When the outfit is complete, they can make a pit stop at the photo booth and snap a bunch of Polaroids so they can have quick keepsakes from the excellent party. Dance the night away and get even more ideas at Crafting My Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home Party


Peter Parker got your kid's b-day invite and he’s ready to party! Kids can swing on over to the celebration with a mask just like Spider-Man himself. It’s the multiverse after all, so expect to see a variant Spider-Man at every turn. Now it’s time for a movie marathon of all the previous Spider-Man movies, so the b-day kid and their guests can be prepped and ready for the final battle!

Celebrate December Birthdays

Updated June 2022