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Disney Up an Everyday Lewk With These Awesome Mickey & Friends Fashion Finds

Sparkly Mickey Mouse bag charms, Mouse Ear headband earrings, a Mickey Silhouette Canvas Tote, and so much more!

Sarah Burns


Magic moments don’t have to be few and far between – kids can make them happen every day in their own way with a little help from your favorite Magic Kingdom! So if you have a kid in your life who wants to Disney up that lewk, you don’t even need to wish upon a star, because we’ve collected some of the most magical accessories ideal for adding just a little more Disney to everyday life.

Mouse-Ear Headband Gold & Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Even though the regular Mouse Ears headband doesn't quite work for an everyday look, these mini Minnie Mouse ears are bound to be a new favorite for you or the kids. The adorable rhinestone studded headband earrings feature Minnie’s signature bow in gorgeous 18k gold with extra sparkle factor.

Mickey Mouse Disney Tennis Bracelets

You (or your older kids) can rock that classic look with a sparkling piece of wrist candy that’s dainty enough to wear every day. It's available in an 18k gold plated sterling silver that goes with practically everything and features a Mickey Mouse silhouette bead with an eye-catching pavé border. Lovely on their own, but great for stacking, these tennis bracelets are beautiful and fun to wear, and the pull-tie closure makes them easy to put on!

Mickey Mouse Bag Charms

These bag charms really tie an outfit together in a way that will speak to a playful personality, style, and love of all things Disney. They'll look cute on your bag, and make a great gift for older kids who love Disney. Each features a 3 inch tall Mickey Mouse figure with 360° rotating head, arms, and legs on a 18k gold plated clip. It’s perfect as a zipper pull, or popped over a handle to swag up any bag!

BFF Disney Earrings

Why should you have just one BFF, when you can have four (or more realistically, two for you and two for the kiddo). The two pairs of stud earrings pay tribute to Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy in colorful enamel and gold. It’s an adorable, mis-matchy set, and a subtle way to add some Disney to the day.

Mickey Silhouette Canvas Tote

A highly functional everyday bag is a must, and it's no surprise that Mickey has got it covered. This tote boasts strong canvas and willow-bottom construction so durable it can hold a bottle of wine for picnics (or grape juice for the kids), and so fashionable you’ll want to take it along everywhere. 

CozyChic Disney Socks

CozyChic has comfy, stylish socks for the whole family in single and 20 packs, for twice the coziness. The classic Mickey and Minnie shapes are embroidered onto the ankle, perfect for just peeking out from a favorite pair of sneakers. Reward yourself and the fam with these ultra-soft and cozy Disney treats for the feet.

CozyChic Classic Disney Mickey Women's Carbon Black Socks


CozyChic Classic Disney Women Mickey 2pack Socks


CozyChic Black Classic Disney Mickey Men's Socks


CozyChic Classic Disney Youth Minnie 2pack Socks


CozyChic Classic Disney YTH Mickey 2 Color Socks


Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Earrings

When it comes to statement earrings, this pair has it all – beads, rhinestone pavé, and the sweetest smiles! It’s pretty impossible not to grin ear to ear with a perfectly matched team like Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Detailed in colorful enamel, and hypoallergenic golf plated sterling silver, this set is guaranteed to make ears happy. 

Disney Cubic Zirconia Studs

Some people can’t get enough of gold, but others always prefer their accessories in silver. Fortunately, there’s room in the Magic Kingdom for all! These gorgeous stud earrings feature a polished Mickey Mouse silhouette in both sterling silver, and 18k gold plated sterling silver. A rhinestone pavé creates a sparkling outline, and the result looks like something the Blue Fairy bibbity-bobbity-boo-ed into existence.

Disney 18K Gold Sterling Silver Threader Hoops

“Mickey Ears” usually conjures up images of the classic mouse-ears headband – but this time we’re talking about Mickey for your ears. These threader hoops are modern, chic, and the perfect accessory for adding understated touches of Disney to your day to day. 

18K Gold Safety Pin Earrings

Beautifully crafted from hypoallergenic 18k gold plated sterling silver, these threader earrings are a unique jewelry addition for the Disney fashionistas in the family, whether that's you or your older kids. Their unique shape and design makes them light, comfortable, and easy to wear, Accented with that classic Mickey Mouse shape, they simply thread through the ears and secure at the base for dainty Disney drop earrings you can wear all day.

Mickey & Friends Lip Balm Packs

It’s basically guaranteed that every time you really need lip balm, its lost forever in the cracks of the couch or (more likely) one of the kids has taken it. That's why we've got a whole collection of Mickey & Friends lip balm packs — so you and your family never run out. Keep them in bags, purses, in catch-all bowls, junk drawers, desktops, and anywhere your pout might need to level up. They’re packed with powerful lip nourishment and hydration, and full of fun flavors!

Donald & Daisy Lip Balm Duo Pack


Goofy & Pluto Lip Balm Duo Pack


Mickey & Minnie Lip Balm Duo Pack


BDAY Minnie Mouse Disney Earrings

These extra special statement earrings are a mixed media delight adorned with party sprinkles, and a polished balloon-style bow. The enamel details will put a smile on your face (or make any teen you gift them to smile just like Minnie), and they’re perfect for celebrating everyday magic.

Mickey Mouse Pendant Necklace

Nobody does enchanting quite like the House of Mouse, and this pendant necklace is no exception. Accented with a dazzling border of rhinestone, it seems like something straight out of a fairy tale. Simple, timeless pieces like this never go out of style, and the small-batch quality craftsmanship makes this an ideal Disney keepsake.

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