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6 DIY Pet Toys You Can Make That Will Set Tails Swishing

From DIY doggie toys to crafty cat wands.

Deena Campbell and Sarah Burns


When you hear the words “pet toy” you probably think of floppy, squeaky toys that get torn into shreds or batted under the couch within days of being brought home. Yep, that’s accurate, but there’s a new creative generation of pet toys popping up and most can be made at home. Sure your furry friends will always love chewing on your shoes, but you can shift their thinking a bit and make trinkets from materials around the house. Take a look at the below activities that will keep your entire crew busy for hours and your pets zooming around the room with excitement. Happy crafting! 

1. Junk Food Cat Toy

junk food cat toy

A Beautiful Mess

Before you get too excited, there’s a yarn needle and embroidery thread required for this craft, so if you’re challenged in the sewing department be patient with yourself. If you’re able to make them (we have full confidence in you) watch your kids' faces light up with sheer joy as they craft small toys that look good enough to eat. For full instructions, head to A Beautiful Mess.

2. DIY Doggie Toy

doggie plush

My So-Called Crafty Life

Think of this stuffed toy as a lovey for your pet. It’s stuffed with love (and a small squeaker) and we’re sure it will be their new bestie in no time. The instructions call for old wool sweaters to make the ultimate sacrifice in the name of doggie joy, but old cotton socks, t-shirts and kitchen towels work just as well too. Head to My So-Called Crafty Life to download the pattern.

3. DIY Feather Cat Toys


Dream a Little Bigger

Cats love feathers. Especially brightly colored ones. So, it’s no surprise feather toys made our list. You know those old feathers you have stashed away in the craft box? Glue a bunch together to create a super cute kitty feather boa. Shouldn’t kittens be fab too? Get the complete directions courtesy of Dream a Little Bigger. 

4. DIY Water Bottle Crinkle Toy


Irresistible Pets

Water bottles are by no means the new kid on the doggie toy block. How many times have you spotted your furry friend playing with your old water bottle for hours and hours? We get it: Empty water bottles make noise and are fun to chew. Try wrapping old bottles in an old sweater or sock for even more fun. Bonus if it’s brightly colored. Get complete directions here

5. DIY Cat Wand thumb

Irresistible Pets

Simply put, this craft is exactly what it sounds like: a cool wand made for cats. The best thing about this craft is that it can be finished in 10 minutes! Grab old scraps of yarn, string, bells and tie them together. Plan for your cats to enjoy at least two hours' worth of play time. Throw in your toddler for even more laughs and giggles. 

6. Rope Ball Surprise Toy


Hands Occupied

Fact: dogs love surprises. Especially older ones who can’t move around as much. When they tinker with small items only to find a treat inside they instantly beam with joy. Sounds familiar? Try this craft to bring a bit of happiness to your pooch. Visit Hands Occupied for the full step-by-step, which involves learning some new rope skills that will leave you feeling a bit nautical by nature.