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Throw Your Doggy the Ultimate Birthday Party With These Doggy Birthday Ideas

Because every dog should have its day!

Sarah Burns

dog birthday party


They spend every day trying to conform to our strange human ways. And aside from the constant begging for food — like you’ve never fed them in their entire lives — they so rarely complain. It’s time to show our best friends, confidantes, goofs, and protectors how much we care with a party designed just for them. Don’t know your dog’s birthday? That’s okay, dogs don’t observe our human calendars anyways. Make this a “Gotcha Day” party instead, and celebrate the day your family became a little bigger, and fuzzier! 

1. Party Prep

Who’s Ready to Paw-ty?


Skip to My Lou

Decide who you want to celebrate with, and create canine and human guest lists. Then spread the word with some DIY puppy invitations, like this adorable puppy ears card by Skip To My Lou

Indoors, or Outside?

Dog Birthday Party Ideas


Most dogs enjoy doing outside activities, so for a Gotcha Day party or a dog birthday party, any enclosed outdoor space would be ideal. If you don’t have access to such a space, or Mother Nature refuses to cooperate, don’t worry: You can still have a paw-sitively awesome party inside! It might be a good idea to have piddle pads around, and clear away some furniture so there’s lots of space to play.

Doggy Decor!

IMG 8688

A Beautiful Mess

Our furry friends probably don’t care too much about decorations, but your human friends will like them! Check out this puppy-party inspiration post, complete with helpful step-by-step tutorials by A Beautiful Mess, and make some dog-gone cute doggy decor. Just remember that pups have a way of getting into everything, and bright, plastic decorations can just look like dog toys to them, so make sure your decor is doggy-safe. 

DIY Dog Party Hats

dog birthday party ideas


First Palette has the perfect party hat template to cut out and customize for pretty much any theme. Chances are pretty slim the pups will keep them on, but those few moments will make for some great photo ops!

2. What to Serve

Puppy Party Snacks


Two Healthy Kitchens

Try these 4-Ingredient Chicken and Biscuits! This recipe by Two Healthy Kitchens sounds like something you could just make and eat for a human snack — they sound like they’d be really good with some cheddar thrown in. If you’ve ever made drop biscuits, you’ll be familiar with this simple baking technique. The result is a soft, biscuit-style treat that’s great for older dogs, or dogs that have trouble chewing.

Dog Friendly Cake


Skip to My Lou

Have you ever seen a dog presented with a cake? They go from puzzled, to hopeful, to cautiously optimistic — and when it dawns on them that this special treat is for them, they get so excited! This paw-some recipe by Skip To My Lou works up pretty much like a regular cake, and uses doggy flavor favorites like peanut butter, banana, and carrots.

Human Party Snacks


Sally's Baking Addiction

Have fun with the food while staying on theme: consider serving up mini hot dogs, popping pupcorn, and having bowls of “puppy chow” around to nosh — this crunchy-minty-sweet mix by Sally’s Baking Addiction will have them begging for more.

Human Friendly Pup-Cakes


Crazy Little Projects

Each of these adorably decorated pups by Crazy Little Projects have their own charming little personalities! You’re going to want to make a whole litter of these your human guests — maybe even decorate them to resemble their pups!

3. Party Set Up

dog birthday party


You’ve settled on a party location, decked it out with dog-decor, and have snacks to go around. Here’s what to add to your party space to encourage guests to mingle, play, and have fun:

  • Fill a kiddie pool full of tennis balls.

  • Hide treats around the yard for pups to find.

  • Have a “Fetch Box” filled with Frizbeez, tennis balls, and squeaky toys for human guests to toss to their canine companions.

  • Scatter several knotted ropes around to play tug-of-war.

  • If it’s hot out, have some Hands-free Puppy cooling packs on hand for your human guests.

  • Set lots of water bowls around, so your four-legged guests can stay hydrated.

4. Activities

dog birthday party ideas


Keep your human and doggo friends entertained with these games and activities:

  1. 1.

    Have an informal talent show, and share your best tricks.

  2. 2.

    Try the fast-paced card game We Rate Dogs and enter your favorite pups in the dog show. Your human guests might win or lose, but all dogs are winners no matter what!

  3. 3.

    Play doggy musical “chairs”: Human and leashed pup teams walk around in a circle as music plays. When the music stops, the human gives the command to “sit.” Last dog standing is out!

  4. 4.

    If you have a larger area, take advantage of the space by setting up an obstacle course! You could award special ribbons for “best time,” “tried really hard,” and “human who ran the entire course with their pooch.”

  5. 5.

    Keep the Do You Look Like Your Dog?  card deck handy for party laughs, and take turns testing your memory.

  6. 6.

    Gather up some art supplies, and make some dog-themed crafts

5. The Send Off



Thank your guests for coming with pupper-approved gift bag! Grab a black marker and some multicolored party bags, and DIY up some paw-print party favor bags for take-home treats, such as:

Whatever you do to celebrate, we hope you and your dog have a woofin' good time. Happy birthday, buddy!

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