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11 Easy DIY Science Experiments That Won’t Blow Up Your Kitchen

Science doesn't need to be reserved for Ph.D.s and textbooks.

Erica Silverstein · 16 days ago

Jamie Grill / Getty Images

1. Vortex Cannon

Credit: @cheezburger on Giphy

2. Capillary Action Experiments

Digipub / Getty Images

3. Tornado in a Bottle

Credit: MakeAGif

4. Oobleck

Credit: Giphy

5. Lava Lamp

Credit: @makeitmove on Giphy

6. Apple Oxidation

Credit: Giphy

7. Soap Cloud

Credit: SteveSpanglerScience on Giphy

8. Blubber Experiment

@worcswarriors on Giphy

9. Skittles in Water

Chris White / Getty Images

10. Pinhole Camera

Credit: NASA on Giphy

11. Saltwater Circuit

Credit: @ExplainerStudio on Giphy

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