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Epic Experience Gifts To Give This Holiday Season

No wrapping paper required — just a sense of adventure and fun!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns


Worried the toys you ordered won't make it in time for Christmas? We've got you covered. Swap out a few presents with experience gifts instead. Not only can you guarantee their arrival by Christmas day, but you can also give your family a day out that you'll all remember for years to come.

The PAW Patrol Experience: Only at CAMP

It's time to check off a destination on your preschooler's travel bucket list with a trip to Adventure Bay! Make all your little one's dreams come true this holiday season and gift them a day with their favorite K9 rescue pups with the PAW Patrol Experience. Once they're here, they'll grab a badge and get ready for a full day of adventure with Marshall, Chase, Ryder, and the whole gang. They'll explore the ins and outs of the iconic lookout tower and even put their skills to the test by soaring down the indoor zipline. They'll surely be on the top of the list for new recruits by the end of the day.

Cosmic CAMP

Jeff Bezos and his fancy trips to space have got nothing on Cosmic CAMP. At Cosmic CAMP, kids get the full experience of being in space. We're talking about them piloting their own rocket, traveling through lava fields, and decoding secret ice crystals for Ground Control. They might even see an alien or two along the way at the Cosmic Game Show! 

Show Tickets


As entertaining as your family's Frozen reenactment in the family room may be, it's nice to sneak in a performance by some professionals every now and then with a night out at the theater. Gift your family some show tickets this holiday season for whatever you can get your hands on. Stay local and check out the community theater or go straight to the Tony winners themselves for a night out on Broadway. Regardless of what you pick, it will surely be a great inspiration for the next performance in the living room. 

Slime Bootcamp

IMG 1895


Sometimes presents work out great for both the gifter and the giftee. Just take tickets to Slime Bootcamp, for example. Kids get to make the gooiest and stretchiest slime, and parents get to keep the mess out of the house. It's definitely a win-win for everyone involved. 

Concert Tickets



Sure, they could watch their favorite artist on YouTube and pretend they're at the concert, or they could ditch the screen and see their favorite artist up close and personal with tickets to their next tour. Surprise your little groupie with tickets to their favorite artist's concert next time they are in town. It won't even matter if the show isn't for months — it will truly be worth the wait. 

Museum Pass

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.


Does your little one wanna walk among the dinosaurs? How about explore the ins and outs of ancient Egypt? Maybe they want to learn everything there is to know about modern art. With a museum pass, all of that is possible. Check out your local museums and see if there is a seasonal pass to gift this holiday season. It will make for a new adventure each and every time they go to use it. 

Spa Day

family spa day


Being a kid is hard work! There are all those TikTok dances to keep up on and sports practices to run back and forth to. Don't even get me started on all the tv shows, books, and movies that need to be consumed, so spoilers don't ruin the plot. Oh, plus that whole school and homework thing. Give the kids a day off (or make it a family day off for the win!) and treat your kids to a day at the spa. Go for manicures, pedicures, or foot massages. You could even gift your kids a ticket to the at-home spa for a day full of relaxation, all without leaving the house. 

Cooking Classes

best cooking youtube channels for kids


The best part about gifting your kids a cooking class for the holidays? They might take over dinner duty a few days a week. Set up your little foodie with the skills they need to get creative in the kitchen with the gift of a cooking class this holiday season. They can dive into homemade pasta, learn how to make dumplings from scratch, and explore the world through their tastebuds. Need some gear to get started in the kitchen? We've got them covered

Drop Off PJ Party


Sometimes you give a gift that has a dual meaning. Case in point: the Drop Off PJ Party at CAMP. Your little ones will have the ultimate pajama party full of crafts, stories, and a mega dance party, while you get a night off and possibly even a date night. Don't worry, your little one will be having waaaay too much fun to even realize the holiday gift wasn't just for them. 

Music Lessons

Best Music Apps for Kids


"It's all good, I'm with the band" is something your future self will be saying when your kid hits it big, thanks to the music lessons you gave them holiday season. Enhance their skills with a set of lessons on an instrument or tune-up their vocal skills with a few singing lessons. Whichever route you choose, you will be sure to be a groupie for life. 

The VIP Splatter Room at Art CAMP

IMG 1946


Jackson Pollock, who? In the VIP Splatter Art Room at Art CAMP, the messier the painting, the better. Let your kid's creativity shine as they splatter paint on a 16-inch canvas. It's a rare activity where making a mess is highly encouraged!  

Sports Tickets



Be the MVP of the holiday season with a set of tickets for your little one's favorite team. Get in at the action at an NBA game, see a touchdown up close and personal, or watch the puck go back and forth on the ice. You could even give an IOU and save the tickets for a later date for an MLB or MLS game over the summer. Whichever sport you choose, you'll be sure to hit a home run (touchdown, goal, 3-pointer — you can fill in the blank with whatever sport works best!) with your gift. 

Gift Card

GiftCard (1)

Still not sure what to get? Go with a gift card to CAMP! Pick out any of the experiences on your favorite CAMP store's schedule and extend the holiday season. The hardest part will be narrowing down the experience you want, as they are all amazing. The good news is no matter which one you pick, you're guaranteed to have an awesome time. 

Updated June 2022