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10 Truly Amazing Facts About Kids With December Birthdays

That’s (nearly) a wrap on 2022 — but for December kids, the party is only beginning!

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns · about 2 months ago


Wait, it’s December already? And if that’s not a big enough surprise, it’s someone’s super special birthday — yours! December-born kids get to celebrate another year around the sun during the heart of the holiday season and — call us biased, but — we think your birthday is the biggest celebration of them all. But that’s not all December-born kids get to look forward to. According to, well, science — December-born kids are born special. Keep reading to find out why your birthday gives you some major bragging rights!

1. December kids LIVE LONG LIVES


According to a study published in the Journal of Aging Research, kids with December birthdays are more likely to live to the ripe age of 105 — or even longer! It looks like you’re in store for a lot of birthdays, a lot of birthday candles, and most importantly, a lot of cake! Brace yourself for 105-plus journeys around the sun!

2. December kids are LESS IRRITABLE



Good news for already tired parents! While research suggests summer kids are more likely to be moody, winter kids were found to have a more steady temperament! December-born kids, in particular, were found to exhibit fewer temper tantrums! 

3. December kids are SCHOOL SUPERSTARS



Some people say December-born kids are at a disadvantage for being the youngest in class, but clearly, they don’t know how capable December kids truly are! Studies show that by the time younger students graduate, they outperform their peers. High five! 

4. December kids are EARLY RISERS



There’s another name for morning people — and that is December-born kids! Research suggests those with December birthdays are more likely to go to bed early and wake up early. Perhaps being born during one of the darkest months of the year has something to do with it?

5. December kids (boys) are more likely to be LEFT-HANDED



It’s great being right, but it’s even cooler being left-handed. A study out of the University of Vienna shows that boys born in December are more likely to be lefties. Disclaimer: This doesn’t appear to be the case for the December-born girls out there, so don’t go buying left-handed scissors!

6. December kids are EXTRA SPECIAL



We all know December-born kids are special, but according to research, they’re extra special. Kids born in December are rare, especially if they were born on December 24th and December 25th — the rarest of all birthdays. 

7. December kids are more likely to be DENTISTS



Get ready to show off those pearly whites because a career in dentistry just might be in your future! Research in the Journal of Family Health found a statistical link between the month you are born and certain professions. And, yes, it appears December-born kids are more likely to become dentists! 

8. December kids could have OLYMPIC POTENTIAL



Word is (according to the International Journal of Sports Medicine, that is) that those born in the winter months — particularly during the month of December — have natural athletic capabilities. Gabby Douglas was born in December, and so was her teammate Mckayla Maroney. Coincidence? We think not! 

9. December kids are HEALTHY



Research conducted by the Columbia University Department of Medicine found there to be a correlation between the month you are born and disease. Fortunately, December-born kids are at no major disadvantage when it comes to contracting most major diseases. Phew! 

10. December kids have STAR QUALITY



Apparently, December is the month to be born if you’re a STAR! Just ask the likes of Taylor Swift, Brad Pitt, and Denzel Washington, who (you guessed it) all celebrate December birthdays! 

Celebrate December Birthdays