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8 Family Halloween Costumes That Will Win Halloween

With just a little bit of effort and some creativity, your family can be certain of total Halloween victory this year.

Jack Shepherd


Halloween is a competitive sport, and your family isn’t going to lose it again this year by wearing garbage bags, sunglasses, and white gloves and telling everyone you’re the California Raisins like you did last year. Nobody even remembers who that is! The final California Raisins commercial aired 27 years ago, people. We can do better than that. With that in mind, here are some incredibly creative family costume ideas that you can put your own spin on. Let’s win Halloween this year!

Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Spinach

Untitled-3 0000 Popeye

Photo: @thefittrainerswife

It’ll be a few years before your little one decides they actually like eating spinach, but who doesn’t want to be spinach? This completely adorable costume idea comes from @thefittrainerswife.

Scooby Doo

Untitled-3 0003 Scooby

Photo: @trulyjuliechiang

Turn your Big Wheel into a Mystery Machine and try to solve the mystery of who took all the Snickers out of your trick or treat bag. Here’s a fun, easy, and fabulous family costume from @trulyjuliechiang


Untitled-3 0001 Up

Photo: @katrinamalaiba

All you need is some balloons, a few little accessories, and a willingness to embrace adventure. This truly precious Up costume idea comes from @katrinamalaiba.

All the Will Ferrells!

Untitled-3 0002 Ferrells

Photo: @loveandfoodforeva

Ron Burgundy? Jackie Moon? Mugatu? Having trouble choosing which iconic Will Ferrell character you want to be this Halloween? Why not enlist the family and be all of them? These hilarious costume ideas are courtesy of @loveandfoodforeva.


Untitled-3 0004 Rugrats

Photo: @montalisa.

The Rugrats are iconic, and they make for a cute and colorful Halloween costume, just like this absolutely adorable homemade one by @montalisa

The Office

Untitled-3 0002 Ferrells

Photo: @emilee.hendricks.

All you need is some work clothes (and a cute, kid-sized shirt and tie) to make these hilarious The Office costumes come to life. If you’ve got a larger family, just add a Michael, Kevin, Kelly, Stanley, or Ryan! This perfect execution of the concept comes from @emilee.hendricks.

101 Dalmatians

Untitled-3 0006 101 Dalmatians

Photo: @alishafashionista.

Is Cruella supposed to be good now? It’s hard to keep up. But that shouldn’t stop you from putting together some adorable 101 Dalmatians costume for the family just like this awesome ensemble from @alishafashionista.


Untitled-3 0005 ET

Photo: @mssarahmorgan.

With a precious little ET headpiece from etsy, some thrift store clothes, and a potted geranium, your family can be the toast of the Halloween party as you help to bring ET safely back home. This one’s from @mssarahmorgan.

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