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10 Family Pranks That Will Have Everybody Laughing

The best pranks are ones that have everyone laughing, even those getting pranked.

Vera Sizensky and Daniel Fernandez

MoMo Productions / Getty Images

MoMo Productions / Getty Images

Gone are the days of Ashton Kutcher’s show “Punk’d” (ask Mom and Dad to explain), but there’s still something very satisfying about pulling off a good prank. And whether you’re the prankster or the prank recipient, you’re bound to get some good laughs.

If you’re looking for some awesome gotcha moments, try out these funny but harmless pranks on the family.

1. Did my feet grow overnight?

MoMo Productions / Getty Images

MoMo Productions / Getty Images

What you need: Some cotton balls and a family member’s shoes. 

What to do: Place a couple of cotton balls into the toe of each shoe. 

The reaction: Watch their faces as they wonder if they’re wearing the wrong shoes or if something is up with their feet when they’re getting ready to sprint out the door in the morning.

2. What happened to the eggs?

HUIZENG HU / Getty Images

HUIZENG HU / Getty Images

What you need: A carton of eggs and a pot of boiling water. 

What to do: Boil the eggs and place them back into the carton in the fridge. 

The reaction: When going to scramble up some eggs or crack an egg to add to a recipe, the first hardboiled egg may seem like a fluke. The second hard boiled egg … what is happening? The confused look is priceless.

3. What’s wrong with my bed?

ShotPrime / Getty Images

ShotPrime / Getty Images

What you need: Access to a family member’s bed. 

What to do: Take the top sheet of their bed and fold it in half from the bottom up, then tuck it back in. You’re basically creating a small pocket they won’t fit in. 

The reaction: When they hop into bed, their feet will get stuck on the folded sheet, and they will be kicking to get free.

4. Where are all the family photos?

 Jeffrey Coolidge / Getty Images

Jeffrey Coolidge / Getty Images

What you need: Framed family photos around the house and printouts of a random celebrity (such as the DJ Marshmello). 

What to do: Take all of the family photos out of the frames (make sure to save them in a safe place!) and replace them with celebrity photos.

The reaction: Watch how long it takes your family to notice that all of the photos have been swapped. The longer it takes, the more entertaining it is for you.

5. Why does my toothbrush taste weird?


10'000 Hours / Getty Images

What you need: Family member’s toothbrush and salt. 

What to do: Sprinkle your family member’s toothbrush with salt. 

The reaction: They will notice the salt as soon as the toothbrush hits their mouth. A look of “yowza” will definitely follow.

6. Have you seen the post-its?

 gerenme / Getty Images

gerenme / Getty Images

What you need: LOTS of colorful post-its and a room for “decorating.” 

What to do: Select a surface to completely cover in post-its. For example, you could cover your sister’s mirror entirely with post-its so she can’t see herself. 

The reaction: The shock value with this prank is super fun to witness, plus it’s a pain to take them all down one at a time.

7. These aren’t my clothes!

 Rebecca Allchurch / EyeEm / Getty Images

Rebecca Allchurch / EyeEm / Getty Images

What you need: Two family members’ drawers of clothes. 

What to do: Switch Family Member A’s clothes drawer with Family Member B’s clothes drawer. 

The reaction: There is sure to be utter confusion as they do a double take.

8. What’s with all of the balloons?

Frank Herholdt / Getty Images

Frank Herholdt / Getty Images

What you need: LOTS of balloons and a bedroom or bathroom in your house. 

What to do: Blow up as many balloons as you can (careful, don’t get dizzy!) and fill the room with balloons — so many that your family won’t be able to walk through the room. 

The reaction: Watch as your family member opens the door and balloons come pouring out.

9. Did the toilet just break?

Paolo Cordoni / EyeEm / Getty Images

Paolo Cordoni / EyeEm / Getty Images

What you need: Bubble wrap, tape, and a toilet. 

What to do: Tape bubble wrap to the underside of the rim of the toilet and gently place the toilet seat down.

The reaction: When someone goes to sit on the toilet, the bubble wrap will pop, and they will wonder if the seat underneath them just broke. 

When playing a prank, remember to keep it fun and to help clean up any mess you may have made. And when someone pranks you, remember that you can always get them back! Main rule: Keep it fun.