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Wrap Up Your Father's Day Gift Shopping With This Guide

Great gift ideas for the father who loves pranks, games, foodie finds, and even farts — er, the arts.

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

Father's Day Gifts


If you're here because your dad is the number one dad in the world, you're in the right place! We all agree — our dads are pretty downright awesome, and each and every single one of them is special and unique in their own way. This Father's Day, help your kid celebrate what makes their dad his wonderful (sometimes weird and wacky) self with these unique gift ideas for every dad personality

The Sporty Dad

sporty dad


Game day is basically a Sporty Dad holiday. You’ll see them decked out in lucky jerseys, waving banners, or in face paint in their favorite team color – and you can be sure their tailgate parties are full of the best snacks. Most importantly, Sports Dads are always down for a game of touch football, a couple rounds of HORSE, or running soccer drills with the kids. So let’s go, GAME ON!

The Dad-Joke Dad



Telling dad jokes is arguably one of the best parts of dad-dom. Think about it: There's literally an entire genre of jokes named after them, and they don’t even have to be funny to be good! If the dad you're looking to find the perfect gift for would spontaneously combust trying to hold in a “Hi Hungry, I’m Dad,” crack him up with a gift for his goofy side.

The Spiffy Dad



Dressed to the nines, and always oh-so-dapper, the Spiffy Dad has an appreciation for the finer things in life. Everything he does, he does with his own signature style, and he has a way of elevating a space – or an outfit – with a few simple, timeless touches. Spiffy Dads tend to like art, a well-stocked bar, and little luxury gifts they would never think to buy for themselves. 

The Gamer Dad



He knows every cheat code (not that he needs ’em), and completes the story mode before going back and slaying every side quest. Gamer Dads spent a good chunk of their childhoods in arcades, have suffered the pain of “gamer’s thumb,” and have spent more hours in front of a screen than all their children combined. Celebrate their lifelong video gaming journey with some blasts from the past that’ll bring dad right back to a youth filled with midi music and 8 bit images.

The Kitchen King Dad



When something smells good, you can be sure this dad is doing his thing! Hook your resident foodie up with fun new kitchen essentials like guitar-shaped tongs for his rockin’ BBQ, or a pair of Bear Hands Grizzly Cooking Mitts so he can make the same “bare hands” joke every time he uses them. Be strong, and take the jokes in stride – the food will be worth it! 

The WFH Dad



More and more dads are joining the Work From Home army, connecting with co-workers through message apps, and saying “Can everyone hear me?” at some point during every video conference meeting. Setting up office in a living space filled with pets, kids, and literally all your stuff has its own unique challenges and distractions, but these gifts for WFH Dads are guaranteed to put the fun in functional.

Updated June 2022

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Celebrate your Number One Dad with awesome Father’s Day gifts, crafts and recipes for Father’s Day, and fun ways to spend Father’s Day together. He’s not just your dad. He’s the world’s greatest dad!