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Wrap Up Your Father's Day Gift Shopping With This Guide

Great last-minute ideas for the father who loves pranks, games, foodie finds, and even farts — er, the arts.

Maria Bailey · 4 months ago

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Father's Day Gifts


If you're here because your dad is the number one dad in the world, you're in the right place! We all agree — our dads are pretty downright awesome, and each and every single one of them is special and unique in their own way. This Father's Day, celebrate what makes your dad his wonderful (sometimes weird and wacky) self with these unique gift ideas for every dad personality

The Daddest Foodie

Knowing what will appeal to the tastebuds of a self-proclaimed foodie (dad) can be something of a challenge, but when in doubt, you can never go wrong with CAMP x YoungJerks x Señor Lechuga "No.1 Dad" Hot Sauce! It's smoky, spicy, and pairs with just about everything! Made with Carolina Reapers and habanero peppers, we'll just go ahead and claim this is the hottest (and spiciest) Father's Day gift out there.

The Art Lover

Your dad's idea of a perfect day includes a trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art followed by a creative session in the studio ( ... or the kids' play/craft corner) making art of his very own! Every art fan will get a kick out of this fun Andy Warhol Temporary Tattoo Set because who doesn't need Andy Warhol's iconic banana print "tattooed" on their arm? Better yet, encourage dad to get his creative on with the Michelle with Peonies Paint-by-Number Kit

TheDaddest Personnas-05

Dads can get a bad rap when it comes to fashion, but your dad knows a thing or two about turning up the style stakes! Even when he's out just running errands, he looks effortlessly cool wearing a casual but stylish get-up that just works. A thoughtful and trendy addition to your dad's wardrobe is CAMP x YoungJerks "No.1 Dad" Father Sweatshirt. Pair it with these CAMP x YoungJerks "No.1 Dad" Sweatpants, and CAMP x YoungJerks "No.1 Dad" Hat, and your dad not only acts the part of a No.1 dad BUT looks it!  

TheDaddest Personnas-06

Leave it to dad to pull one of his classic pranks that has everyone bursting into fits of laughter! He doesn't need any encouragement, but perhaps this Father's Day, you can get in on the fun by gifting him a Fart Sound Box (yes, that's a thing). Why not continue this erm, "theme" by gifting him the Gumball Poodle It's OK To Fart Gym Socks because sometimes even dad is the butt of the joke (sorry, not sorry).

The Active Dad

Staying active is a way of life for your dad. As long as he's movin' and groovin', he's having a good time. He's tried every sport under the sun, but we're pretty sure he's never tried his hand at this one: Challenge dad this Father's Day to a tournament of jousting — yes, jousting — with the HearthSong Balance Jousting Set! We should mention this medieval equestrian tournament has been given a more modern (and thankfully spear-less) makeover for some good ol' family-friendly fun!

The Gamer

Your dad is a next-level video gamer. Hand him a controller, blink, and he's demolished the other player. All you know is he's been a gamer since before the definition of the term “gamer” evolved into what we know it as today. Send dad on a trip down memory lane by gifting him a Retro Arcade Controller that allows him to live out his video game nostalgia from way back when.

The Working Dad

Make your dad's early morning wake-up calls for work a little bit easier with CAMP x YoungJerks x Okay Coffee Co. "No.1 Dad" Coffee Beans. A good cup of coffee is the best way to start the day, and nothing beats the smell of freshly ground coffee beans to wake up the senses. What if he's running late for work? The CAMP x YoungJerks "No.1 Dad" Tumbler means dad can enjoy his coffee during his commute. Set him up for success at work with the  How To Appear Smart At Work cards that share simple (and sometimes hilarious) tips and tricks to use at the workplace to get ahead. If achieving a work-life balance is on your dad's to-do list, Am I Overthinking This? has a playful take on how to navigate this and some of life’s other dilemmas!