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12 Creative Theme Ideas For February Birthday Parties

The shortest month of the year is jam-packed with awesome reasons to celebrate — like YOU, February birthday kid!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

Creative Arts Party

Moms and Munchkins

Don’t let the winter weather get you down when it comes to celebrating your February birthday. February is a month full of fun and unusual holidays that make for great themes for birthday parties! Check out some of the ideas below and get ready for an awesome February birthday celebration. (Looking for more fun ideas for a winter birthday party? Check out our January Birthday Party Themes, too.)

1. Valentine’s Day Birthday Party

Valentine’s Day Birthday Party

Arin Solange

Valentine’s Day is of course February’s most popular (some might say inescapable) holiday, so why not embrace the love and throw a Valentine’s Day-themed birthday party? Send out heart-shaped invitations, put on your best red and pink outfits, and cue up a playlist of funny love songs. Then spend the party making valentines and eating all of the sweet treats and chocolates your hearts could possibly desire. Check out some more Valentine’s Day party inspiration over on Arin Solange’s site.

2. Leap Year Party

Leap Year Party

Grey Grey Designs

Just because Leap Year only comes around every four years doesn’t mean you have to wait to celebrate it, especially if you have a birthday on February 29th! Celebrate the one-of-a-kind day with a leap day obstacle course or learn how to make little origami frogs, since frogs are the unofficial mascot for Leap Day. Check out more Leap Day party ideas on Grey Grey Designs. 

3. Fairy Tale Birthday Party

Fairy Tale Birthday Party


February 26th is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day, making February the best month to throw a fairy tale-themed party. Take inspiration from childhood classics such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs or Cinderella. Impress your guests with a seven dwarf ring toss and send them home with their own set of DIY fairytale stones. See even more ideas for a fairytale party over on Childhood 101.

4. Bubble Gum Birthday Party

Bubble Gum Birthday Party

Hostess with the Mostess

Throw a bash in honor of National Bubble Gum Day, which falls at the beginning of February. Celebrate the sweet treat by making bubble gum slime while sipping on bubble gum ice cream floats. Check out more inspiration for a bubble gum filled party over on Hostess With The Mostess.

5. Pizza Party

Pizza Party

Grey Grey Designs

If you love pizza and your birthday falls in February, then do I have good news for you. National Pizza Day is February 9th, making a pizza party the perfect theme for a birthday bash. Have your guests wear their best pizza-making aprons and set up a pizza bar for them to make their own personal pizzas. Fill the bar with every topping imaginable, different sauces, and multiple types of cheese. Finish off the party on a sweet note with a dessert pizza. Head on over to GreyGrey Designs for some pizza party inspo.

6. Mardi Gras Birthday Party

Mardi Gras Birthday Party


Join the celebration of Mardi Gras with a Mardi Gras-themed birthday party. Stick to a green, yellow, and purple color scheme and fill the room up with beads and decorative masks. Have a station for kids to make their own necklaces and decorate their own costume masks. Finally, finish off the birthday party with a homemade king cake. Find out more about throwing a Mardi Gras-themed party at Style Your Sense.

7. Jungle Safari Birthday Party

Roxy-s Kitchen, Safari-Jungle-Animals-1st-Birthday-Party-22

Roxy's Kitchen

Leave the chilly winds of winter behind and set off on a big adventure through the jungle with a jungle safari-themed party. Decorate everything with animal prints and set up a photo booth where you can model your best safari gear alongside inflatable monkeys and snakes. Check out Roxy's Kitchen to see how she brought a jungle safari party to life.

8. Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party

Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt

More Than Thursday

A scavenger hunt-themed birthday party is the ultimate adventure. Set up one major scavenger hunt or create a few mini scavenger hunts to keep guests searching for clues. You can even do a themed scavenger hunt with Harry Potter characters or pirates. Head on over to Play Party Plan to see how she puts together a birthday-themed scavenger hunt.

9. Secret Agent Birthday Party

Secret Agent Birthday Party

Frugal Family Times

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Gather all of your best secret agents for a secret agent themed birthday bash. Spend the party solving missions, figuring out disguises, and mastering your way through the laser course. Make sure you finish off the party with some cake — because secret agents deserve a sweet reward for outwitting the bad guys, right? Frugal Family Times has the top-secret brief on how to throw your own secret agent party. 

10. Pirate Birthday Party

Pirate Birthday Party


Gather yer mateys to celebrate a day on the sea with a pirate-themed party. Take to the high seas and follow the map to buried treasure. Give everyone a pirate name and dress up in full pirate gear for the pirate photo booth. Don’t forget to send your guests home with a full bag of loot! Walk the plank to Mom Trends and dive into all the details for a pirate-themed party.

11. Sprinkles Birthday Party

Sprinkles Birthday Party


I think we can all agree that sprinkles make a pretty fun birthday party theme. For this party, don’t be afraid to go overboard with the decorations. Fill decorative vases with sprinkles, have sprinkles out on the table, and give the kids their own set of sprinkles to decorate cupcakes with. Find more inspiration for a sprinkle-themed party on Pizzazzerie’s blog.

12. Art Birthday Party

Art Party

Moms and Munchkins

Unleash the next generation of Kahlos and Picassos with an art-themed birthday party. Set up multiple craft stations and allow the kids to choose which project they want to work on. The art doesn’t have to stay just on the paper! For dessert, set up a cupcake decorating station full of bright candies and sweet treats. See how Moms and Munchkins put together her art-themed party here.

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Updated January 2022