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10 Fun Facts To Celebrate Alexander Hamilton's Birthday

Happy 266th birthday to the ten-dollar founding father, Mr. Alexander Hamilton!

Matt Harvey

Happy personal new year to the ten-dollar founding father, Mr. Alexander Hamilton! History had its eyes on you, and you answered with enough accomplishments to fill a musical! You set the bar for self-educated lawyers and single-handedly showed us how one man could shape the world with a pen! You weren’t satisfied with how things were, you saw what could be, and you stepped up without hesitation. Let’s take a minute to rewind and highlight some of your accomplishments and your influence on our great nation!

1. Alexander founded the centralized banking system in the United States


Nicoolay / Getty Images

He established both the First Bank of the United States and the Bank of North America.

2. Mr. Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury


Richard Sharrocks / Getty Images

The Secretary of the Treasury is the head of the U.S. Treasury, which oversees all the country’s financial and monetary operations. (Including printing new money!)

3. He founded one of the oldest still-active banks in America: the Bank of New York


New York Public Library

The bank still operates today, though it's now called BNY Mellon.

4. He was close friends with George Washington


Keith Lance / Getty Images

Because they were so close, Hamilton had a lot of influence over the first president. Hamilton even drafted Washington’s final farewell address to the nation.

5. Alexander wrote fifty-one of eighty-five essays known as The Federalist Papers


John Parrot/Stocktrek Images

The Federalist Papers were essays written to sway voters to ratify the Constitution.

6. Hamilton was a member of the Congress of the Confederation


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The Tomcat (which wasn’t actually a nickname he had back in his day, despite what you may have heard) was a member of the Congress of the Confederation, one of the first governing bodies of the United States and predecessor to what we know as the Congress.

7. Alexander became Commanding General of the U.S. Army


Keith Lance / Getty Images

He even led a successful night attack during the Battle of Yorktown.

8. He influenced the creation of the first U.S. Mint


Tetra Images / Getty Images

The U.S. Mint was founded shortly after Hamilton submitted a report to the House of Representatives in 1791. That could be why he was honored with a portrait on the $10 bill.

9. Alexander founded the New York Post in 1801


Grafissimo / Getty Images

But it was called the New York Evening Post back then.

10. He was a founding member of the Federalist Party


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The Federalist Party helped introduce America to a two-party political system by opposing the Republican Party!

Although Alexander was killed in a pistol duel with his political rival Aaron Burr, his legacy lives on through his work. Alexander’s actionable ideas, willingness to find solutions and endless passion helped prove that one man can make a huge difference! Check out the unbelievable musical based on this great man on Disney+!

Happy birthday A. Ham!